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Test Your Junkanoo Trivia Online
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Posted by:Sep 9th 2007, 05:37:42 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGood day Junkanoo people & Bahamian Souls in general --(also devoted friends
of The Bahamas)

A friend had referred me to to try some of the trivia quizzes
there in various areas. I found those (in the areas of my interests) to be a
nice l'il fun activity and educational as well. However, while I ran across
some quizzes on Black history and literature, there was nothing there on The Bahamas, particularly Junkanoo.

Therefore I was inspired to create a short trivia quiz on Junkanoo, and it is
now available there. (_www.sploofus.com_ ( ); (in the quiz search area, just type in the words, "Bahamas Junkanoo"). The folks who have taken it didn't score too highly, as they probably weren't too well acquainted with Junkanoo. Hopefully, it will encourage them to do a bit of online research. Most of you all will more than likely find it tres easy and score very high on it, if not 100 percent. Enjoy! (Maybe you'll be inspired to submit a quiz there on The Bahamas as well.) (note: Freddie M--I couldn't resist including your wonderful quote from my interview with you many moons ago:

"If you don't move to Junkanoo, you're dead!" :)

In closing, I also submitted a quiz on "African-descended Women in Military
Roles". Might want to take a look at that one as well to see how much you know
about Black women's contributions to freedom battles.

Best wishes,

Linda Cousins-Newton
(Director, Ancestral Promotions)
_www.ancestraltravels.com_ (
_ (

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