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Lionfish = Good News?
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Posted by:Jan 6th 2009, 09:39:56 pm
brilandbeautySince they are edible...why don't we just harvest them? I'd certainly enojy one...that is if it doesn't kill me beforehand.
Posted by:Jan 6th 2009, 06:12:26 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThere's a lecture by The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and The Ocean Research and Education Foundation scheduled in Miami Florida on April 15, 2009.

For more information, call 305 421-4207

"Invasion of the Lionfish"

By Lad Akins.
Reef Environmental Education Foundation ( REEF)

"There is a new predator prowling the coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a voracious appetite, toxic spines, and belongs in the Pacific.It is the invasive lionfish and from the Bahamas to Bermuda, along the U.S. East Coast and in the northern Caribbean it has been spotted.In some areas lionfish populations are exploding and they are devouring both fish and invertebrates. Scientists worry that without natural predators Lionfish are doing serious damage to our coral reefs and the ecosystems they support. Lad Akins has been working hard to monitor and remove lionfish from our reefs. He will explain the problem and what you can do to help.It will be an enlightening talk and reveals how even the innocent dumping of an aquarium can put our precious oceans resources at risk."
Posted by:Aug 14th 2008, 08:23:18 am
smittyJust read a great article about the invasion of Lionfish.They are rampant in the Carribbean and as far north as Cape Cod.It's called the worst invasion of a predator fish in history.The only natural enemy is the grouper.Sharks and moray eels have been tried but flee in terror when offered one.They dine on reef fish among others and the sting is very painful but not deadly.Try and find the article on the internet.I found it on my msn home page this am.It will pop your eyeballs.Very serious.
Posted by:Aug 13th 2008, 10:03:26 pm
Brilandkidthe Lionfish beautiful but deadly. I am hear so much talk about it all over the place about it even in Florida. The ministry need to place a bounty on each one of them to eradicate this menace from our waters in fact all Caribbean governments need to do this. It does not have a natural enemy in the Caribbean, it can only destroy the local and commercial fishing and tourist industry. Since man is so good at eradication and brought it to the Caribbean let man eradicate it and take away. Has they say “take out the trash!! “ I would also like to add care must be taken when destroying this animal it can kill you.
Posted by:Nov 15th 2007, 01:12:04 am
KimberlyNah ... once is enough ;-)!!!!
Posted by:Nov 9th 2007, 08:15:59 am
Willhey saw that now, Kim...sorry, good luck with all them marrianges.
Posted by:Oct 24th 2007, 07:55:16 am
smittyOnly ten years? Shoot, you ain't even had a good meal yet.:)Me and my honey just did 53 2 weeks ago.Congratulations, anyway.(Sure hope that firestorm isn't causing you any grief)
Posted by:Oct 23rd 2007, 11:08:12 am
KimberlyThanks for the generous offer, but I'm about to celebrate the tenth year anniversary with my Glenfiddich guy ;-).

Tight lines!
Posted by:Oct 23rd 2007, 07:44:18 am
smittyAh, Kimberly, you're still a breath of fresh air.Since Kristi won't marry me, will you?
Posted by:Oct 23rd 2007, 01:32:56 am
KimberlyHey, Will ... we really DID have a serious discussion on the lionfish discussion at one point, so you may want to search the forum for 'lionfish.' This particular chat was a lot more lighthearted ;-).
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2007, 04:46:15 pm
Willyou all need to take these lionfish a little more seriously ,they eat grouper young and are going to cause major havoc in the to richard percentie or glen bullard
Posted by:Oct 16th 2007, 10:09:18 am
smittyI wouldn't care if I didn't get a brand new pacemaker and one of them Hi-Tech wooden legs thinkin' how much they was goin' to impress you.Guess I'll just have to go back to ma rocker and find somebody new...
Posted by:Oct 15th 2007, 04:15:49 pm
kristioooh, darling Smitty ... don't be upset!
Posted by:Oct 15th 2007, 09:27:19 am
I didn't respond because I'm mad at you for not marrying me.
Posted by:Oct 7th 2007, 02:39:05 pm
kristiNesbittneil - ou etes vous? Vous ne repondez plus???
Posted by:Oct 4th 2007, 04:06:59 pm
kristiMaybe your ramark was ironic and I apologise if it was. But one must think before posting such messages. I definately had the wrong idea by your posting and hopefully I was the only one.
Posted by:Oct 4th 2007, 02:45:49 pm
KimberlyCome to think of it, I ran into a few raging Lionfish at Vic Hum just a few months back ... they were yet another fine example of a natural evolutionary species that should not have been ever introduced to our waters ;-).
Posted by:Oct 4th 2007, 09:27:03 am
ZionfishAlas, NesbittNeil, contrary to your assertion, the appearance of Lionfish in the Atlantic is not an example of a 'natural evolutionary species that introduce themselves to our waters'. Lionfish are an Indo-Pacific species that have been unnaturally introduced to the Atlantic by aquarium owners. Lionfish did not get here by rounding Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope and swimming hard and fast for a few years.

And Kristi: ever heard of irony?!
Posted by:Oct 1st 2007, 03:26:50 pm
KimberlyAh, me think that NesbittNeill is just stirring the pot for a reaction. (But I'm with you on the jetskis and trash.)
Posted by:Sep 30th 2007, 02:22:48 pm
kristioh come on Smitty - you're killing me - I'm waiting for you to reply :-)

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