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Hotels Accommodations for Reggatta-Why do hotes stay closed???
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Posted by:Oct 21st 2007, 01:12:22 am
KimberlyYes, availability of hotel rooms is an issue, but you can't force businesses to stay open if they're otherwise planning to close so that they can make necessary renovations ... ten out of twelve hotels being open on the island doesn't sound too bad. From the numbers everyone talks about, even if Coral Sands and Pink Sands DID stay open, there wouldn't be enough rooms. There are several hundred hotel rooms on Harbour Island, NOT several thousand. Period.

Was Cove Eleuthera busy? Other hotels on the mainland could use the area business, too.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2007, 08:01:39 pm
ash12event organizers rent houses,hotel rooms,whatever is available for the extra police thats needed,the sailors and boat owners,,also the event organizers are responsible for accommodating ZNS,burnshouse representatives,the sailors association out of nassau,,the list goe,s on and on,if the briland ragatta association has only option of renting houses for thousands in time to come there wont be a ragatta because its to Pricey,,for the association,,here we have hotels on our island that won,t open. the few rooms thats available are gone in an instant,,should bahamians be forced to do day aways or live on they,re boats? an we have rooms? the availability is the problem
Posted by:Oct 20th 2007, 04:55:22 pm
KimberlyFrom all reports, it sounds as though the Briland Regatta is one of the country's most popular events ... I don't think that you'll ever have enough accommodations ;-)... a good problem to have for the local economy! There are only so many hotel rooms to go around, eh?

Perhaps event organizers can start coordinating private home rentals right now, in time for next year's event.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2007, 09:01:26 am
ash12there were many bahamians that did not attend this years ragatta due to the lack of accomodations,alot pay 3,4,5 thousand and up just for the weekend of the ragatta,,so i think bahamians could afford the pricey hotel rooms that wont open or refuse to open
Posted by:Oct 20th 2007, 08:53:14 am
ash12coral sand,,pink sand were closed for the ragatta,,,they were renovating,,,it was a 3 to 4 night minimum at all the hotels that were open,,
Posted by:Oct 19th 2007, 06:59:33 pm
KimberlyOkay, what hotels did NOT open this past weekend?

Last I heard, all of the hotels on Harbour Island other than Pink Sands, Coral Sands and Valentines were open for regatta weekend.

Would folks coming up for regatta want to stay at a pricey resort if they were planning to party downsea all weekend? That can run pretty expensive, seems to me.

In any case, how about regatta organizers working out details with area hotels to guarantee reservations at a three-day minimum, no more than three people to a room? We have heard expressed concerns from hoteliers of past regatta guests jamming six to a room over regatta weekend, which obviously upsets other vacationing guests trying to relax or catch up on their sleep ;-).
Posted by:Oct 19th 2007, 06:54:26 pm

Reflections on the recent regatta in North Eleuthera

Oct 19/07

Dear Editor,

Now that the great North Eleuthera Regatta is history, it would be interesting to reflect on this event and consider if it has lived up to all the hype.

Under the theme "Sailing along, 18 strong, into the future", the regatta was probably the most significant event in The Bahamas over the Columbus Holiday weekend. Yes there was Conch Cracking in McClean's Town, Grand Bahama or Power Boat race in West End or a host of other activities throughout the Bahamas, but none can match the excitement and anticipation that the North Eleuthera Regatta can bring!

Once again, Eleuthera - and in particular Harbour Island - have proven that they are the ultimate host and the place for fun and frolic! Nowhere else can one go and experience such a feeling of relaxation under such a carefree atmosphere! From a year ago when the previous regatta had finished, people were looking forward to this national event. Outside of the National Regatta in Georgetown, Exuma, the North Eleuthera Regatta is probably the most sought-after with many persons returning year after year.

Centered in Harbour Island or "Briland", many persons are attracted to the natural beauty and friendly hospitality that has made Briland the number one tourism destination in the region. Persons from the length and breadth of The Bahamas come and enjoy this paradise the same way that many celebrities or the rich and famous do. It is just a sweet little island! It is such a wonderful time for friends and family to get together in peace, love and harmony. All of the conch salad, fried fish, stuffed crabs, etc. make it a truly Bahamian experience especially with the ambiance of Briland.

Some of those coming to Harbour Island included persons such as Prime Minister the Hon. Hubert Ingraham and leader of the Opposition Perry Christie, along with a number of Cabinet ministers and government officials. The joke was made that there were probably sufficient parliamentarians in Harbour Island to make up a quorum for a Parliamentary meeting. Eyebrows were raised during the second day of racing when at least three Cabinet ministers, including the Parliamentary minister for Youth and Sports Byran Woodside showed up at the regatta site wearing FNM paraphernalia including caps and shirts. A number of persons expressed outrage at what appeared to be an effort to politicize the event. This was in very poor taste and the perpetrators were obviously very insensitive to the political division that has existed in the country since Election 2007, especially at a national event where the emphasis is to unite the Bahamian people, rather than divide them.

Regrettably, among the hundreds and hundreds attending the regatta are a few bad apples whose mission is to interrupt or endanger the public by their selfish and violent or criminal actions. For these undesirables, the Royal Bahamas Police Force was well prepared. Prior to the start of the regatta, the word went out that there will be zero tolerance for lawbreakers and that anyone arrested would be detained for the duration of the regatta. Probably the ultimate punishment would be to be detained while the festivities are going on. To ensure sufficient manpower on the island for the event, a number of police officers, both uniformed and plainclothes, were dispatched from Nassau. They did an excellent job in maintaining the peace and deserve to be congratulated for doing an outstanding job!

However, one of the problems with bringing persons from the outside to maintain law and order is that they may not be aware of some local traditions, or unique features of a particular community. What happens in one Bahamian community doesn't mean that it is exactly the same in another. For example, the Grand Bahama Regatta, which I recently attended in August, was essentially closed down by 10:00 pm. The North Eleuthera Regatta goes on 24/7. The local night clubs are open all night as literally hundreds and hundreds of persons have nowhere to go -- there are no accommodations available for them. This makes a lot of sense as it contains the crowd to a particular venue rather than have them dispersed all over the island where the Police cannot keep their eyes on them. Or in the event of inclement weather, at least they will have a shelter over their heads. This is surprising to Law Enforcement who may not be familiar with Harbour Island and has been the source of unnecessary conflicts between the night club owners and the Police. Understandably, the music should cease at a certain hour, but the bars should remain open!

One of the situations that has complicated the accommodations at Harbour Island is the outright discrimination that exists against Bahamians by some of the foreign Hotel and Private Home Owners who close their facilities during Regatta week or instruct their agents not to rent to Bahamians. This is really unacceptable as it sends a clear message that Bahamians are not wanted in Harbour Island. Persons who are denied accommodations are some of the top persons in The Bahamas including some of the top business people and professionals. In other words, Bahamians are still being treated as second class citizens in their own country!

From as far back as 1989, that is from almost the first time that the North Eleuthera Regatta Association put on its first contest, Sir Lynden Pindling, the Prime Minister of the day had read the riot act to the hoteliers of Harbour Island to work with the regatta committee, and at least have their rooms available to the public. No one is asking them to fully open their facility such as the dining room as it is hoped that the patrons would patronize the many food stalls along the road. Therefore, it should have been just a minimum effort to open just the rooms. The reality is, however, that ever since 1989 the regatta has gotten very little cooperation from some of the Harbour Island hotels. Some people have no choice but to live far up on Eleuthera where they have to return in the "wee" hours of the morning. After a long night of partying, this can be most disastrous! This writer has expressed almost every year in the strongest possible terms for the Harbour Island hotel owners to support a national event that is of great importance to Harbour Island. After all, it is Harbour Island that has given them an opportunity that has resulted in tremendous financial rewards. It is only fair that they give something back to the community. Obviously, the regatta is important to the people of Harbour Island and so out of respect for the people of Harbour Island, the hotel owners should put their support behind the people of Harbour Island. With such a limited number of rooms on the island, any restriction on availability only further complicates the matter.

After all is said and done, the North Eleuthera Regatta is "still the best!"

Yours, etc.,
Posted by:Oct 8th 2007, 05:27:15 pm
KimberlyTingum Village, Golden Apple, Seashells Inn, Eagle Tavern, Royal Palm Hotel all mentioned being open for regatta ... how about Pink Sands? Runaway Hill usually stays open, too. And there's Ocean View and Bahama House Inn as possibilities, too? If someone's looking for motel rates, though, they're better off renting a house if any are available.
Posted by:Oct 8th 2007, 11:45:14 am

I called last week I can't find any where to stay.

I called royal palm they are booked, Romora Bay Club is open very reasonable this year, I called but they are booked.

Does anyone know if any hotels are open or any motel anything, as I really want to come but I can't find anyplace to stay.

Posted by:Oct 8th 2007, 11:29:13 am
KimberlyWhen my family ran Coral Sands, through 1999, the hotel traditionally closed on Labor Day and reopened on 15 November.

The six weeks' downtime was pretty standard throughout the Out Islands, given that it was the peak of the storm season and folks needed to repaint and fix and repair their places.

The only place that I remember being opened during regatta was Valentine's back in the day.
Posted by:Oct 8th 2007, 11:23:06 am
concernedWe have found that over the last five years or more, that 90% of the hotels on HBI have not offer any accommodation.

Why is that. Reggatta is a tradition for all of the locals its a time for family memebers to come back home and enjoy themselves.Even our foriegn freinds that want to come are unable because there is no where to stay. I heard that Romora Bay Club might be the only hotel open this year I think they were open last year too
but they are already booked which is good , at least we know some of our freinds and family,visitors have someone where to stay. So for all other visitors this leaves us where no where but the thought of not attending, beacause of no accommodations.

Why do the hotels stay closed for regatta,some have said that certian hotels closed specifically for the regatta .

This sucks I think

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