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junkanoo in briland
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Posted by:Dec 29th 2007, 05:27:52 pm
island ladyWe need a Juankanoo Beat Reporter, all we ever hear about is how to make the costumes but not about how the performance went ... who won the Boxing Day presentation???????
Posted by:Dec 20th 2007, 06:47:02 pm
ash12the historic shack on colebrooke is no more, marcus pinder is constructing a building there,,besides if there was a building there still? it would,ve been for the bigger junkanoo group, the HIGH SCHOOL NEEDS a multipurpose building on the property there for they,re purpose for junior junkanoo,,,kids can take small peaces home to decorate or paist but i,m speaking of the big costumes
Posted by:Dec 20th 2007, 09:31:59 am
KimberlyI gotcha ... I thought that you meant you needed a multipurpose center for the rehearsal and practice part. What happened to the historic shack on Colebrooke Street? Not appropriate for kids? A girlfriend of mine is a teacher is Nassau, and she says that her kids build their costumes offsite, and use a practice room at school for the music ... just a thought.
Posted by:Dec 20th 2007, 07:36:13 am
ash12the library is to small, besides i dont think that they would want the school to use the building for building junkanoo custumes
Posted by:Dec 19th 2007, 08:07:37 pm
KimberlyThe library is a multi-purpose center, and would be the perfect location for rehearsals.
Posted by:Dec 19th 2007, 07:02:38 pm
ash12the kid performed well, compared to the highschools in nassau. i myself think that it is unique that a small school such as harbour island all age school travelled all the way to nassau to compete with the huge schools there. i think its about time that the school on harbour island gets a multipurpose center, we have the property there for it to be constructed,,junkanoo needs to be included in the school cariculam as it is in the high schools in nassau. we have the music,, but we need the BUILDING to work in. the save harbour island group had a great plan , but its a shame that our own native,s could,nt see or refuse to see the greater need for our very own kids, are,nt they,re our future??? so let,s start looking out for our kids habour island!!!!
Posted by:Dec 19th 2007, 11:59:52 am
island ladyHow did the kids perform, who were the chaperones, any report of the weeks event for those of us wonderng from the sidelines? Go Briland.
Posted by:Dec 18th 2007, 06:58:13 pm
ash12harbour Island came 3rd in music and 4th place over all
Posted by:Dec 18th 2007, 01:55:21 pm
island ladyhow Was the Junior Junkanoo in Nassau last week? Did we win?
Posted by:Dec 3rd 2007, 04:20:39 am
BrilandkidI have faith in Briland to pull off a successfully junkanoo this year has they have always done. There has always been creativity here I will hopefully won't miss it since Itís inception I have participated and some years to follow But I seem to miss them every year missed them in recent years due to travel.
But I wish to mention and say We Still owe thanks to Ms Sharon King of Coral Sands, Mr and Mrs Valentines of Valentines, Roy Smidt of Romora Bay Club, and the then Romenetta store were the original sponsors Mr. Allen Malcon of Pink Sands turn down the opportunity to sponsor The then Harbour Island Commisinor and Mr Mack Johnson the Organizers and coordinators also Ms Nora Albury and the then Junkanoo groups are a few to mention in itís beginning days they stayed with it regardless of all the nay Sayers and the laughs. These are the pioneers that made it all possible for Junkanoo in Briland. There are others that I forgot to by name, but they are appreciated.
Posted by:Nov 10th 2007, 07:54:32 pm
ash12all is not lost with junkanoo in briland,,the Junkanoo committee is working very hard to pull off two sucsessful parades,,Ryland Cash raymond mather,,hersley wilson and others are working tremendously hard to assist the junkanoo commitee,,Hatchet Bay and Gregory town will be combining. the (2) major groups here ZULU DANCERS and the HILL TOP ROCKERS,, will be combining, it,ll be compitition on bay sreet again also we,ll have the new generation group led by mr Donald Sawyer.

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