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Bahamas and Violent crime
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Posted by:Nov 25th 2007, 08:22:48 pm
BrilandkidYou are right to speak out Ash12 just like I did. Now we must make an effort to help bring change. Let'em all cronies too. Be informed that we are not into reruns only new positive episodes, now is not the time to be big cry Babies. My concern now is for the high violent crime rate here, what will it do on an International level and how will the Bahamas be rated on an International scale, not to mention our industry huh? Murder, Drugs and let's not forget the sexapades by Government ministers. Yes Ash12 this new Government has inherited a tremendous caseload, they will need many, many prayers and kneepads to pull the Bahamas out-a-dis one that‘s for sure. This is no time to punk out and cry about how they were talk to. They need to put those bloomers back in the closets and try to be real men if they can. The Bahamas need strong leadership, real men not punks. Turn this disastrous ship around.

On crime maybe we need to do what Saudi Arabia does with criminals. (On Fox News)

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which those convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery are executed in public with a sword.

Sunday's execution brought to 136 the number of people beheaded in the kingdom this year, according to an Associated Press count. Saudi Arabia beheaded 38 people last year and 83 people in 2005.
Off wit Dem head.
Ash12 you are new to the political joust listen, watch and learn. There is always a reason when crooked politicians run Government, though 90% are liken to common criminals it is that 10% that make the difference. Lets work with the 10% Ash12, not a perfect world has you will one day learn.

Ash12 you are new to the political joust. Listen and observe you may learn something. There is always a reason when crooked politicians run Government, though 90% are liken to common criminals it is that 10% that make the difference. Lets work with the 10% Ash12, not a perfect world has you will one day learn. I am equally concern about the youths, and their future. Liken to a snake you must grab it by the head or a tree get it at the root to get the branch… (Government)
Posted by:Nov 24th 2007, 06:38:06 pm
ash12hopefully this government would put they,re money where they,re mouth is. the jobs were created yes! but for who! bahamians or non bahamians? what about the hundreds of students graduating each year? crime is at an all high now during these last six months. Economic instability is at an all high now! Economic growth is where you put me! this new M&M government surely gets an A+ for victimization,,,,( terminating the young and hirering the old is whats going on,,,i should know cause i live in the bahamas to witness it!!! in North Eleuthera where our MP has represented us for nearly 20years!! look at our roads! look at or try and drink our water out,ve the faucets!!look at our schools!! i could go on and on. at least the last cronies managed to construct 4 new classrooms for our children. i should know cause i live here to witness it
Posted by:Nov 23rd 2007, 09:04:41 pm
BrilandkidWe now have new government even though some of the old cronies still hold their positions bench warming, doing whatever they can to run obstruction. They are crying and claiming that they are being talk to badly, never mind how the people of the Bahamas were treated badly and sold on the auction block to the highest bidder, without concern for whom they dealt with. Now they cry. So selfish and filled with self-pity. Should be flogged in the public square.
They have allowed murderers and drug Barron, rapist incest and child molester’s homosexual liaisons among government ministers all were left to run a gamut throughout the country and were they running the Bahamas. Now those cry babies cry. Murderers out on bail and allow walking among us continuing to commit crimes. 69 violent murders to date and little over a month in the year left. Did they concern themselves about the future I do not think so. Now with the winds of change hopefully we the Bahamian citizens will stand up and let our now government know that we will not stand for a repeat performance from the ministers gone wild in Bahamas. We must fight for right and for justice for every law-abiding citizen of this Country.
Tell those cry babies put a lid on it. Let the people choice move forward and stop crying about how they were talk to. They owe the people an apology for treating them badly.

The Brilandkid too sweet to sleep.

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