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Junior Junkanoo Parade Set For Out Islands, Too
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Posted by:Dec 18th 2007, 01:54:26 pm
island ladyHow did the Harbour Island All-Age School perform? Did they do well in the competition? Where is the leader of the Junkanoo committee to give us the results?????????????????????????
Posted by:Dec 15th 2007, 07:24:22 am
Fig Tree News TeamGreat photographs here:
Posted by:Dec 15th 2007, 07:08:56 am
Fig Tree News TeamNotes from a teacher in Andros, who chaperoned her students at this week's Junior Junkanoo sweeps in Nassau:

I just saw this thread. Thanks guys!

We had quite an eventful couple of days and I think the kids enjoyed themselves.

We left Nicholl's Town on Wed and drove the 40 miles to Fresh Creek with our costumes and stuff on open trucks. It started to rain on the way down so were panicking! The trip over was horrible, the sea was rough and kids were being sick all over the place, the boat took the long way round to try to avoid the weather so it took us four hours to reach Nassau.

The kids wanted to go to the Mall but we decided not to let them! So no chance for any more piercings.

Had a miserable night Wed, the hotel had our Junkanoo group plus Harbour Island plus various school basketball teams in for the Father Marcian Peters, so as you can imagine there were hundreds of young people running around all with raging hormones. I think I eventually hit bed at 3:00 am when things started to quieten down.

Up again at 7:00, had to get all of them fed and then a final practice and work on costumes all day until time to go to the parade. The kids walked down to Bay and it was time for us to perform. I thought they did well on the first lap, they rushed their hearts out. Had a chance to look closely at some of the other groups in our category and was not impressed, there were a lot of unfinished costumes and plenty of paint and fabric.

Didn't get to see the second lap as I had two injured students and one sick one who had to get medical attention. Got them dealt with (they are OK) and when the parade was over had to sit around for ages trying to find a truck to move the costumes and stuff off the street. Finally got back to the hotel at 4:00 am and then had to get the kids up at 6:00 to get to the dock to catch the boat. Got back home at 1:00 pm yesterday and have been sleeping since

For those of you who watched it on TV, I haven't a clue what I said in the interview. I was operating on remote control on Bay Street, so please forgive me if I sounded stupid.

Still haven't heard the results but am certain we placed last. We can't compete with schools that have large numbers of students or big money. The only funding we had was the govt seed money and the minimal junkanoo fee that our kids paid. Regardless of that though, the kids tried hard to put on a good show and I am proud of them.

Although they may not see it, my thanks go out to the chaperones, helpers, shack rats for making all of it possible for our kids. Special thanks to Father T. Thanks also to the good people of St. Mary's Nassau, for allowing us to turn their church hall into our Nassau shack (an air-conditioned shack, What luxury!) and their parking lot into our practice route.
Posted by:Dec 15th 2007, 07:06:20 am
Fig Tree News Team
15th December
Junior Junkanoo Parades For Family Islands
No Word As To Harbour Island All-Age School Results Yet
By Kendea Jones

Minister of State for Culture Charles Maynard announced Thursday night that both the junior and senior junkanoo parades would continue until the month of February.
Minister of State for Culture Charles Maynard announced Thursday night that both the junior and senior junkanoo parades would continue until the month of February.

Minister Maynard made the announcement on the backdrop of the Veronica Ingraham-Thompson 2007 Esso Junior Junkanoo Parade on Rawson Square.

Fifteen schools participated in this year’s parade.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the parade.

Minister Maynard said over the past two decades the parade has grown beyond expectations.

"People love to see young people express themselves in this way," he said.

He said this is the reason why culture officials decided to bring both parades to the Family Islands.

He added that this is a clever way of bring all of the Family Islands together.

"We wanted to have the widest participation and the opportunity to see more than one parade," Minster Maynard said. "By stretching them out we are giving people an opportunity to go island hopping and experience junkanoo at different locations."

Ms. Ingraham-Thompson said she is pleased how junior junkanoo evolved over the past 20 years. However, she called for more creativity in the parade.

"I want to see the costumes in the Junior Junkanoo separate and apart from the adult costumes because all they are doing is just repeating satin and feathers when in art and craft you are supposed to use anything that is thrown away to tax your creative abilities," she said.

"After you have conquered all of that then you can graduate to those things. But I just want to see those things out of the primary schools."

Kenneth Gibson, Marketing Director of Esso, said the petroleum company is proud to sponsor the parade. He said it is a way of showing Bahamians that Esso is all about service to The Bahamas.

"I think any corporate citizen is here to conduct the business that they have been established to do," he said. "In our case, that is providing energy and fuel to make sure that The Bahamas continues to grow. But it is a tremendous privilege to express your commitment in other ways. Junior junkanoo started 20 years ago and we showed that this is our way to demonstrate our commitment to the people of The Bahamas."

Rushing through the crowd with the message of "Saying no to drugs" was newly-appointed US ambassador Ned Seigel.

Mr. Seigel was beaming as he rushed with other senior officials of the US embassy. He said he loved the energy of the parade.

"It is magnificent," he said. "Getting into the rhythm, dancing with the kids and learning how to rush. I did it for the cause and getting out this is where it is happening."

When asked if he would participate in other parades Ambassador Seigel said, "Absolutely. Next year I will know how rush even better."

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