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Internation House Hunters - Sully's Search
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Posted by:Feb 19th 2010, 01:51:03 am
keylimesurferHi Sully... I saw you on HH a while back and it was a great show. You seem so down to earth and real. Anyway, I didn't think anything of it and just enjoyed the show. Actually the best part I think were your dogs. I love dogs anyway so I liked seeing them. I just thought of you the other day and I remembered the show and you. I live on the beach on Hutchinson Island in Florida (actually Jensen Beach, east coast)and I love it. Hey, if you never did find a woman... maybe we can hang out some time? I'm from NY too. ....I'm all set, just thought I'd pass along the invite...You can find me at Gina Kevins Hamel on facebook... If I never hear from you..."ENJOY" Sully....
Posted by:Jul 10th 2009, 01:17:08 pm
TiffanyI just saw you on House Hunters International. I don’t even know how to send this message to you. I’m not a chat room person. In fact, this is the first message I've ever sent aside from my outlook. I’m writing to say hello. I googled “bahamas-Sully” and this page came up. You seem like a very fun and laid back person. Same as me. I’m a 34yr old woman who is independent, strong, fun, trustworthy and loyal. Animals are my passion. I have a dog of my own. Her name is Montana. She’s my kid. I’m not interested in your money, I’ve got my own. However, I believe in what Jimmy Buffet says, “its five o’clock somewhere”. Life is short. Have fun and make as many friends as possible. You seem very fun and intelligent. Send along an email if you'd like, here’s my address.

Hope you’re enjoying life!!


Posted by:Jul 9th 2009, 11:15:18 pm
deniseSully - wondering if you ever rent out the guest house? looking for a month long rental...

Posted by:Jul 9th 2009, 11:12:49 pm
deniseSully - wondering if you ever rent out the guest house? looking for a month long rental...

Posted by:May 14th 2009, 02:15:27 pm
farhorizonHi Sully

I just saw your epiisode and it reminded of my days in the bahamas. I spent 11 years in Nassau and travelled many times to harbour island, I love the pink sand beaches and wonderful people. There are many small yellow mango trees. Yum they are best in the height of summer. You and the boys are very lucky, only thing missing is me.
Posted by:May 10th 2009, 09:46:29 am
The PartymanWe got back from Acklins/Ragged and need a couple birds to rub isoprophyl on our legs.

Lotsa bites and ting um!
Posted by:Apr 11th 2009, 10:30:33 am
The PartymanSully bey, let's go do dat ting over up in Acklins mon. Git yo bug on mon.
Posted by:Apr 6th 2009, 09:14:22 am
SunnyhazmatSully, tell us a funny story, something hilarious that happened to you but generally never happens to anyone else.
Posted by:Apr 5th 2009, 09:57:07 am
Sullyyeh, I guess....maybe I should have been a little more specific on the chick thing......
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 01:50:56 pm
KimberlySo many women, so little time ;-).
Posted by:Mar 1st 2009, 10:34:41 am
Chante!!Hi! from Canada just wondering did you meet the right chick yet? also how and when did you moved to the Island i just saw the show yesterday, that is what i want to do also but don't have any idea where to start or how i'll to make a livinf out there, would you have pointers for me please let me know....
Posted by:Feb 28th 2009, 12:17:46 am
YukonChickHey Sully!

Just watching the episode now, cute dogs and a great sense of humour!

Nice boat, I come from a family of shipwrights..

Oh by the way.. I'm married and not hitting on you! Just wanted to say hello from Canada! Hello! :)
Posted by:Feb 27th 2009, 08:56:41 pm
SunnyhazmatHi Sully,
How do you manage all of these women hitting on you?
Posted by:Feb 1st 2009, 04:22:50 pm
SullyI think that guy was an awesome pilot Moe...thats what I think!!!!
Posted by:Feb 1st 2009, 06:59:35 am
Richard PI think it just goes to show that you really sholdn't be drinking martinis that early in the afternoon ............
Posted by:Jan 31st 2009, 11:05:44 pm
I watched the show ages ago and forgot about it. Then out of nowhere a few weeks ago about 3:00 PM. I thought about Harbour Island and stopped everything to google the word Sully and Anchor House. About 36 minutes later there was a plane crash in the Hudson and the pilots name
was Sully. I was freaked out and don't really understand the connection. What do you think?
Posted by:Jan 6th 2009, 10:39:14 pm
HollysDreamingHi Sully,
Another FAN email here!!!!!!
You want children, right :)?
I live far away, but all things are possible. Email me !!!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting.
p.s. ignore the previous post about pre- nups.. spoils the romance :)!
Posted by:Jan 1st 2009, 09:46:47 am
SullyHi, its Sully....yeah, you're right its fun to read these. Especially amusing to read the angry, bitter, comments..heehee...spend some energy on more positive . things!!!! Anyways, keep em coming, all of them!!!
Posted by:Dec 18th 2008, 11:17:02 am
Fig Tree News Team... and the adventures begin anew! The latest season will feature a makeover of Tracy Barry and Toby Tyler's new house, "The Little Boarding House" on Bay Street.

Stay tuned ;-) ...
Posted by:Dec 15th 2008, 10:15:01 am
cshoregalDear Sully, I know of a house on Bri; that will be going on the market shortly after Jan. 1st. Its on the ocean side. Small,modest with much room for improvement. We'll be there the 2 weeks of holiday time. If your interested email me @ .

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