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Runaway HIll development plans
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Posted by:Mar 10th 2008, 02:43:16 pm
ColinWow -- I hoped for but didn't expect this much react.

I have no vote and am not even a permanent resident, but my family almost bought Runaway before independence and we feel a certain nostalgia -- bordering on love of home -- for the place.
Should it become a paved-over, densely developed piece of land then the island will have lost one of its jewels.
I won't even mention the strain such development would put on the sewers, the water system and, in the long run, one of the most precious things about Briland -- the bay.
Surely, Mr Messier, you have enough profits from your other endeavors to leave Runaway much as it is? I hope so.
Posted by:Mar 8th 2008, 07:30:17 pm
BrilandkidThe Fat lady has not sung yet. A snake is controled by its head. That head is Nassau, many, many serpants there money hungry ones too. Some like some brilanders will sell mama and granny too, for a price and put a ribbon on her….., especially ones holding crucial positions. The unversal word for those types is serpants.
Do not worry the Fan still blowing it will soon hit it. I promise you.
Posted by:Mar 7th 2008, 03:51:47 pm
smittySure sounds to me like the people of Harbour Island have just plain given up and take whatever comes along.Probably a result of constantly fighting and losing in the past,so why bother.How sad.
Posted by:Mar 7th 2008, 02:46:29 pm
PepperSteeleAbuse the system? Huh?
Posted by:Mar 7th 2008, 07:31:56 am
ash12it is sad to that the majority of residents on harbour island never attend public meetings,especially when held by local government. but the other sad thing is,it is said alledgedly that council, NOT ALL members gives the go ahead to people with out other members of the counsil knowing,,,but back to the topic, a long time employee of runawayhill had to leave her job due to unfair treatment on the job!! in the past three weeks its the second Brilander that quit that hotel!!! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SELL THE DARN HOTEL!!!! excuse me,,i know Mr Bernice Thompson has turned over already ( RIP )
Posted by:Mar 7th 2008, 06:19:15 am
kristiI hate to be negative but have you ever seen the local government in Briland fight until the last round. If they have then great but this is now the time that they need to wake up and get off of their boongies in order to have their voices listened to. Why is it that only ASH12 answers to these topics as well? Where are the other brilanders??????? Thank God that there is ASH12 keeping up on things and it always nice to hear what he has to say. If only other natives could be like him and speak up beforehand and not just yell afterwards. Thanks ASH12. Are you on local government? If not - you should be.
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 07:57:59 pm
KimberlyLocal government can do a lot. They can rally the locals, they can browbeat their counterparts in Nassau, they can hold a press conference, they can make a lot of noise. Bimini and North Abaco local government councils are finally standing up to central government, with a measurable impact. Harbour Island doesn't HAVE to sit on its hands and wait until it's too late.
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 06:38:48 pm
ash12what can local government do, if development like that is passed in Nassau over Local goverments head.if this project is passed,,there will be alot of jobs created i guess ( but for who and where from?)foreign head chefs,security guards,the whole nine yards!!
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 04:45:52 pm
KimberlyI don't know what to make of any of this, as it all sounds so foreign to the place. But even the "Save Harbour Island" contingent was proposing an auditorium/convention center as part of its master plan, so what do I know?
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 03:22:35 pm
smittyI'm smiling so I don't cry.Believe me, I understand the gravity of this thing and there's nothing funny about it.What the hell does Messier see when he looks at Harbour Island? Yeah, Yeah I know,,gold bars.Where's the wild dogs when you need 'em?
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 02:54:37 pm
kristiat least I made someone smile today.
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 07:46:09 am
smittyLocal Government? I'm hysterical..
Posted by:Mar 6th 2008, 04:21:41 am
kristithat's where local government needs to step in. As long as the local government doesn't fight for the brilanders rights then nothing can be said. It's the same as if saying "if you don't get out there and vote for your president, you can't complain afterwards" (therefore you have no say so)
Posted by:Mar 5th 2008, 08:36:00 pm
ash12wow!!!!!lots of room for foreign workers!! none for brilanders,,wow!!
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2008, 05:30:52 pm
snowyWhat the heck is going on in Harbour Island? Sounds CRAZY......we will have to find another piece of unspoiled paradise. I feel so bad for Brilanders to have to endure this kind of development....
Posted by:Feb 29th 2008, 03:56:07 pm
smittyI think ole Mark baby took a few too many pucks in the noodle.But, my personal opinion? Get used to the idea, it's as good as done.
Posted by:Feb 29th 2008, 02:41:51 pm
ColinThe very interesting story by by Larry Smith about Bimini and development in the Bahamas includes the following information:
"Meanwhile, the 11-room Runaway Hill Inn was acquired in 2004 by retired Canadian hockey star Mark Messier. The government's terms for the sale were that the nine-acre property would be operated only as a boutique hotel. But in December, Messier applied for an innocuous "extension", which has turned out to include a convention centre, commercial centre, spa, 50 new rental units, and 80 parking spaces, as well as a second bar and restaurant right on top of the dune.

According to the Save Harbour Island Association, this proposal is "well beyond anyone’s definition of a small boutique hotel" and the community has had no chance to consider and respond to the plans in a public hearing. In addition, the proposal "exceeds the limits for the hotel district in the master plan for Harbour Island...that is nearing completion by the Ministry of Works."

Is the above true? How could anyone expect Briland to absorb that many new visitors? How could anyone expect the sewage system to handle it? How could anyone expect the power grid to handle it, when it can barely keep pace with what is there now?
And then there's the question: where would workers come from?
And do Brilanders want to have that great a population density. Reasonable growth over time is nothing to be opposed in general, but small islands such as Briland are unique ecosystems, with severe limitations on what can be handled. Something like this seems to make sense for Eleuthera, with its much greater land mass, access to water and relatively low population density.

What say you, Brilanders and friends of???

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