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lost or expired passport can cost your Bahamian citizenship
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Posted by:Mar 27th 2008, 08:11:03 am
BrilandkidYes Bahamians living abroad has been on a waiting list to receive renewals up to 3 yrs maybe longer these are born Bahamians with long ansestry parents grandparents down the line and the Bahamas Government has refused to acknowledge that there is a problem.Minister of foriegn affairs, Instead saying that that Bahamians are too lazy and does not keep up with these things, These are the same lazy people relitives and friends that got up and went to the polls to elect this nut case. There has been must delay at the at the counsulate office in miami, who has by the way has no counsulate in office. She has been appointed but not taken her post yet. So it is left up to the staff to lie and cover for her and they are always out to lunch 8hrs aday you get the electronic recording. (By the the have electric power) Persons seeking passport renewals have to produce father and mother birth certificate and baptisimal their records imunization record, never mind if you are 50 or 60yrs old you will still need them. Once they have your passport they will hold it and you are lock in whatever country you are in USA, Canada, UK or Africa. So lets get it right people make sure that get those doucments and keep them in order while out of the country make a copy of inside and outside and leave it at home in case you loose your Passport that a copy can be mailed to you to prove that you are Bahamian and was a Bahamian passport holder when requesting a new one, but always keep a copy do not submitt a copy without keeping one. This copy will prove that you did have one this is not used has a replacement just proof you had one, since they are deny us citizen rights once outside the country.

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