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Police reserves we have
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Posted by:Apr 20th 2008, 07:57:09 am
BrilandkidBrilandspeakout thanks for speaking out, What Brilandyounman was refering to from my view was not a personal relationship problem but a generation problem of negitive coments, one that I am personally quite familliar. The police reserve should be more understanding to what the situation and be able to bridge the gap between Police and the young community instead of creating the reverse. If they have that intelligence to wannabe cops they will relize or should relize that it takes the community to make their job easier. Only goon squards go about communities pushing people around. By you’all getting personal will not solve the situation so keep it civil and RESPECT and by standing up and taking a stand we would accomplish the intended goal of a better community. Remember RESPECT Briland.
Thanks for standing.
Posted by:Apr 20th 2008, 12:35:00 am
brilandspeakoutThat dude sounds like he is string out on dope
Posted by:Apr 20th 2008, 12:33:46 am
brilandspeakoutThat young man really has a problem, he needs to just let it go. If she has moved on why is he stll crying and trying to bring the police reserves to shame or trying to put innacent young people in on his shame? I have never heard about the reserves officers harassing any of the locals on the Island. He needs to let accept the fact that she dont want his ass any more. My brother you need to just grow up and leave that DOPE alone and maybe you would be able see clearly and stop trying to get the world invole.
Posted by:Apr 19th 2008, 09:18:14 am
kristiBrilandyoungman - I think that it takes a lot of courage to say what you just said. By doing so I hope that you find the support that you are searching for. If there are many other Brilanders that think like you then there is no reason why things wont change. Put your great ideas and minds together and the young brilanders will have a positive outcome. May your faith continue.
Posted by:Apr 16th 2008, 11:39:14 pm
BrilandkidThank you my fellow Brilandyoungman. Always keep your chin up and rise above the negative asinine comments always remember that the power is within you, RISE Keep standing up. But at the same time RESPECT (Keep reaching out you are quite an inspiration you have taken a positive step.)

PS. The captain taught me to never give in, never give up and reach out but don’t give out.

Briland you Sweet!!
Posted by:Apr 16th 2008, 10:03:29 pm
brilandyoungmanYoung people are either thieves drug dealers and nobodys thats the impression we get no reasoning thats why young people the way they is now No support from our own kind!!!Its always something bad to hear from the older folks of harbour island support us please tell them to come out and share they views on how they feel and youll see how it is and how hard its gettin for US!!!
Posted by:Apr 16th 2008, 10:00:07 pm
brilandyoungmanMy problem is personal between me and this guy right but i dont think every young person should surfer for me at the hands of these reserves who are out of shape and wouldnt know how to read if you told them to write up a statement! I just want them to know and figure out the the young people today dont respect any elders no more than theres a man on the moon because we are getting any support from them.The more they treat the young men the way they are treating them right now there wouldnt be any future only young troublesome people and i dont think they want that...But there are two out of shape reserves that are in the spot light right now that arent supposed to be there..They are pushin young men in town to do somethings that arent necessary because they beieve this police thing is power that they are usin wrong.I am at a point now where ive been through enough with the DUMB gorilla/slash taxi driver who cant have another job if it was to save he life to read something off a piece a paper he would lose it.)aka Sean Major is a hateful mand and jefferson johnson who needs to lose weight.These two men are a bad influence to the young community of Harbour Island tellin the police all they need to know about young men who dont even have the mentality that they are portrayin them to be.I am one of many young men that has been discriminated by these guys..And the police arent talkin to the young men they come and harras like they already know whos who..But i am asking for support form the harbour island community to recognize young people and try to change some of the negative thats goin on,on our home of harbour island the young people are neglected to a point where they dont want any jobs in the society because they are afraid and im afraid to cause it might not be peaceful this time the way things are going...
Please reply if you have some good to say otherwise dont say anything at all im sure there are alot of good smart understanding young men and women in our society....

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