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Posted by:Jun 13th 2008, 03:28:06 pm
Briland_AmbitionIf its someone that resides there they should really be ashamed because i felt like Sgt Pinder was doing a good job with the band. Thats why we dnt move forward, whenever something positive goes on we wonna get mad and try get them out WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT it's stupid and honestly selfish, why i consider it to be selfish because they envy him they wanted him out forgetting what a good job he was doing but obeying that jealous spirit and tried there endeavour best to get them up PPL WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:Jun 13th 2008, 02:09:53 pm
KimberlyI guess I wrote too soon ... one of the small town gossips who ran Sgt. Pinder out of town is running for local district council, so we might want to wait for the election results before suggesting his recall!
Posted by:Jun 13th 2008, 01:15:16 pm
AmelieDont you think that the New Money People's' obnoxious spending and lack of basic manners amount to a grotesque deformity as well ? That single attitude cannot be ignored as a source of tension and very very disconcerting for young people watching
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 12:50:54 pm
hobiecatMaybe some sort of a buddy program could work - perhaps through the school or the churches? Interested youths and Briland elders can partner with each other on a one-on-one basis to create a connection between the generations. The young people can help out the older generations with chores, errands, or just some company, and the elders can provide guidance, friendship, and pass on oral histories, as well as pass on knowledge and skills that have been passed on for generations. Oftentimes we need structure in our lives to find the path to move forward, so maybe a buddy program put together in cooperation with the schools and churches can get people connected one-on-one and the generations can do much to promote mutual understanding from within. Another possible benefit - younger people might want to consider offering informal instruction to the older generations in technology - computers, texting, etc. Both the younger generations and older generations have much to teach each other, it's not a one way street by any means. Just some suggestions to further the discussion!
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 05:43:43 am
Briland_AmbitionI agree with that thats why i say we need unity cause personally i no how that would be trying to get them togehter
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 03:55:36 am
kristiOf course the interests have changed - that goes with the generation change as well. When we were young, the only thing that we wanted to do was play bat and ball with a tennis ball and broom stick and the other game I think was called sockin. Since I was the slowest runner in the group, you can imagine who got hit everytime with the ball!!!! I loved every minute of it and it kept us busy after school until it was time to go home to bathe and have dinner. Great idea to have a youth discussion on what they want to do BUT the parents have to help as well in order for the kids to continue on the right track.
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 10:36:55 pm
chapelDidn't we beg once before to get (now Sergeant) Howie Pinder reassigned to Harbour Island, to continue the excellent work he did with the regional school bands in Harbour Island and North Eleuthera? Is it time to focus on new Police Commissioner Ferguson to get Sgt. Pinder back to Briland if at all possible, and if the small town gossips who ran him out of town can be controlled ;-)?? Just a thought.
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 09:14:13 pm
Briland_AmbitionI agree brilandkid like that idea think theres a need for a youth board with actual youths
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 09:11:50 pm
BrilandkidWhat interested me has a youth growing up in Briland does not necessarily mean that they have the same interest. My suggestion is let them decide let them (the youths) Do a survey and vote on it.
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 09:11:30 pm
Briland_AmbitionI dnt want to miss judge or taken the wrong way i would agree and have agreed that the programs that were listed were good but then again person that are in charge have to also be intrested Take the band for instance i think that was the best thing any one had done for the youth of Harbour Island i said that because the person in charge Officer Pinder even tho he wasnt from Briland he still is considered to be apart of us because he is apart of eleuthera and he brought the best out of most of those guys in the band and it caught there intrest and being that he loved the youths so much it kept his intrest at heart . I mean i am from Harbour Island even tho i dnt live there i have had enuff experience to know what is what i mean if you actually drive around the island on the weekend all the young ones do is drink i mean sad but true lets be real here and that why i say it has to catch there attention and to be frank most of the ppl on that list arent goin to take the time and actually go and talk to some of the youth
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 07:35:02 pm
KimberlyI do remember that Warren Grant offered a short-lived sailing program free of charge to participants that had a lot of energy at the outset, but quickly petered out ... what sorts of activities do you think that the youth of the island prefer, that they are not being offered?
Posted by:May 28th 2008, 09:08:58 am
kristiIf those ideas don't catch their interest (which are mainly interests that concern the youth therefore should be top priority)what do you suggest?
Posted by:May 27th 2008, 01:45:36 pm
Briland_AmbitionYea i Understand Kimberly but then again we sterotype so much and mistreat our youths. I mean i will agree there are some postive things you have listed but then again it has to be something that catch there intrest
Posted by:May 27th 2008, 11:08:49 am
KimberlyI'm all for the island pulling together, but suggest you take a look around at the various resources that you do have, that you CAN take advantage of:

Sit down and talk to any Bahamian elder
Volunteer with the All-Age School Crafts program
The basketball court at the All-Age School
The sports park at the Briland Park down sea
Sir George S. Roberts Library
The playing field at Barracks Hill, perfect for softball and concerts and soccer and rounders
Kayla Davis' afterschool project for girls
Will Simmons' summer camp
Intern with Dake Gonzales when he's running a local production shoot on the island, and learn a new skill
Volunteer to keep Girls Bank, Bay Street, Dunmore Street, the beach, area beaches clean
Sit down with another elder ... they have so much to teach!
Posted by:May 27th 2008, 10:21:12 am
Briland_AmbitionWhy is it that we aS brilanders can't live as one? Why can't we come together and strategize a strategic plan to make our lil Island into everyone Fantacy Destintion!
I've heard about the power supplies and i think that it was way over due for it to be taking in to consideration because this problem was occuring from i Knew my self the power , I just fail to believe it took a island wide black out for this matter to be resloved.

I feel that the island can use more development and when i say developement i mean by our Locals and not the Tourist (Don't get me wrong they are doing a great job and i'm forever greatful). I just feel that there should be a meeting of Unity an Event where Unity is displayed cause i know personally that theres None or what littler there is, is withering and that's sad for an island that's about 3miles long

Take Spanish Wells for instance they work together Not letting any and everyone come and take over there land which is there heritage but we on the other hand just sit back relax gossip and be Sluggish and just settle for less. Person talk about the youth on Harbour Island but dnt do anything to encourage Us as young Brilanders for i no of this first hand and its Poor

I just wish there could be Unity an a form of togetherness cause the island is too small it so small we can all consider our selves as neighbours that how small the island is and we can suceed if we work together

P.S Can We All Just Get Along

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