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what's cooking?
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Posted by:Jun 2nd 2008, 01:30:34 pm
Maddieand do you know what that means in Italian?

Crazy Water!
Posted by:Jun 2nd 2008, 10:39:28 am
Brown SkinThe number for Aquapazza is 3333240
Posted by:Jun 1st 2008, 07:44:06 am
stellaThank you so much Tuck Shop and kimberly!! we are counting the days til our arrival!!!
Posted by:May 30th 2008, 05:55:53 pm
KimberlyI don't know about a phone, but the restaurant is located in the middle of the Harbour Island Marina.
Posted by:May 30th 2008, 05:55:17 pm
KimberlyI think that theirs is a mostly northern Italian cuisine ... amazing caprese salad and lovely fresh pastas. Excellent pesto, seafood combinations.
Posted by:May 30th 2008, 05:18:47 pm
Tuck ShopI've been hearing good things about Aquapazza, whats it serve, what king of Italian and does anybody have the phone #
Posted by:May 30th 2008, 02:23:39 pm
KimberlySnack detail:
Miss Pearl's (Pitt Street) for conch fritters, every day after 4 ... JJ's snack bar (bside the bar on Barracks Hill) for amazing cracked conch ... Sheena's (Doris Drygoods, foot of the Government Dock) for homemade ice cream milkshakes, particularly their rum raisin creations ... Sybil's Bakery on Dunmore Street, across from Sawyer's Market, for coconut tarts ... Sunday brunch at The Landing ... ice cups from Miz Jacqueline's straw market ... frozen Goombay Punch at Big Reds on Coconut Grove Avenue ... tamarind sauce from Risha Patricia just west of Broadway ;-) ... any church bazaar for homemade ice cream.
Posted by:May 30th 2008, 08:28:41 am
HIflyerIMHO Acquapazza should also be on the excellent list for dinner and lunch
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 06:50:05 pm
hobiecatGreat list, Tuck Shop! I'm definitely going to have to borrow your list for our Barton Briland house directory project that I'm working on (or was working on, and will resume once work slows down again). :-)
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 06:33:11 pm
Tuck Shopas already mentioned Quuen Conch and Aquapuzza new Italian getting very good reviews here is a list I made up for our house information booklet.


Restaurants ~ Dinner ~ Excellent
The Landing Bay Street 333.2707 (Our Favorite Dinner Spot)
The Rock House Gaol Street 333.2030 (South Beach Meets Harbour Island)
The Coral Sands(Poseidon)Chapel Street 333.2350 (Recent Colonial Reno)
Runaway Hill Colebrook Street 333.2150 (Mark Messier recently purchased)
Dunmore Beach Club Off Court Rd 333.2200 (Jacket & Tie Required)
Ocean View (Pip's) Court Rd 3332276 (Prix Fix often Full)

Restaurants ~ Dinner ~ Good
Tingum Village(Ma Ruby) Colebrook St.333.2161(Cheeseburger in Paradise & Local Fare)
Romora Bay Club Colebrook Rd 333.2325(15% Off Excellent Sunsets &Casual Dinning)
Valentine's Yacht Club Bay St 333.2142 (Excellent Sunsets and Casual Dinning)
Harbour Lounge Bay St 333.2031 (Local fare good location)
Pink Sands Chapel Street 333.2030
Angela's Starfish Grant St. 333.2253 (Local & Fried Foods, Kid Friendly)
Avery's Colebrook St 333.2093 (Local fare and Casual)
Brian's BBQ Colebrook & Munnings St. (Best BBQ on Island only open Fri/Sat)

Restaurants ~ Lunch ~ Excellent
Blue Bar/Pink Sands Chapel Street 333.2030(Right on the Beach, Doesn't get any better)
Sip Sip Court Rd 333. (Right on the Beach, Excellent Food & Service)
Queen Conch Bay St (Fresh Conch Salads made right in front of you, Food of the Gods)
Dunmore Deli King St. 333.2644 (Excellent sandwiches and gourmet shop)

Restaurants ~ Lunch ~ Good
Valentine's Yacht Club Bay St 333.2142 (Good Food & fun location)
Acquapazza at Harbour Island Marina 333.2427 (Good Food & Location)
Avery's Colebrook St 333.2093 (Local Fare)
Arthur's Bakery Dunmore Street 333.2285 (Good Sandwiches & Salads)
Harry O's Take Away Bay St by the Fisherman's Dock (Good Local Fare)
Wade's Take Away Bay St by the Fisherman's Dock (Good Local Fare)
Sea View Take Away Bay St at the Government Dock (Good Local Fare)
Coral Sands on the Beach Chapel St 333.2350 (Good Food on the Beach)

Restaurants ~ Breakfast
The Landing Bay St 333.2707 (Elegant Setting and Food)
Arthur's Bakery Dunmore St 333.2285 (Excellent Breakfast & Bakery)
Dunmore Deli King St. 333.2644 (Excellent Breakfast & Gourmet Shop)
Avery's Colebrook St 333.2093 (Good Breakfast)
Bayside Café Bay St. 333.2174 (Good Breakfast)
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 06:14:57 pm
stellafancy and on the cheap!!
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 05:25:07 pm
KimberlyQueen Conch for lunch, absolutely ...
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 05:14:08 pm
JellyfishAquapazza at The Marina serves great food, at reasonable prices for Harbour Island.
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 05:06:12 pm
Tuck Shopfancy or on the cheap?
Posted by:May 29th 2008, 04:36:49 pm
stellalooking forward to our trip to H.I. in june!!!
any restaruant suggestions?

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