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The plantation house with Monkeys
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Posted by:Jul 2nd 2008, 08:32:28 pm
BrilandkidYes there were some on Briland kept by Mr Ames I believe they were spider species. They sure could make a rukers (noise) do not know what really happen to them. Has kids we would skip school to go and see them, they were very intertaing. Mr Ames would also allow them in his house or ride them in his truck, I think they were the trained ones. Do not know what happen to them.
Posted by:Jul 1st 2008, 01:17:13 pm
TowarBack in the 50s and 60s Snake Eames had several monkeys at his home, although they were caged. I don't know what happened to them when he died. Or if he still had them when he died.
Posted by:Jun 27th 2008, 09:59:44 pm
KimberlyMonkeys? On Briland? I've heard of them in the Florida keys, but never all of the way over here. (You sure that Sam Barry wasn't mixing the margaritas back then??)
Posted by:Jun 27th 2008, 02:20:18 pm
Rossyears ago I stayed at Harbour Island and heard about an old mansion inhabited with Monkeys. I am considering a return trip with young children. are the monkeys still there?

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