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Power Problems
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Posted by:Jul 9th 2008, 07:58:17 am
MaddieOK, is the best way to communicate with them?
Posted by:Jul 8th 2008, 11:41:29 pm
KimberlyAh, writing folks in Nassau might make you feel better, but if they truly gave a flying fig ... help would have long been on its way ;-). We Brilanders have to pull together and do it for ourselves, starting with this brand-new district council.

Improved reverse-osmosis plants? Check.
Wind farms on the commonage land on the mainland? Check.
Mandatory solar panels to offset hot water costs in all future construction? Check.
Moratorium on dredging new personal docks? Check.
Site visits to make sure all septic tanks are intact, and not leaching into the common water table? Check.
Recycling program? Check.
Timely garbage pickup? Check.

We can do it ... we just have to DO it.
Posted by:Jul 8th 2008, 11:11:28 pm
MaddieAll good points!

But who do we write, call or email in Nassau to try and help this situation?
Posted by:Jul 3rd 2008, 12:44:50 am
KimberlyAll good points, Briland Ambition ... representation WITHOUT representation as it were doesn't seem to be working very well, as far as our interests with Nassau go.
Posted by:Jul 2nd 2008, 09:54:58 pm
Briland_AmbitionCall them like u see them Brilandkid ! LOL things would run smoother in this country if we do what's right or stop being selfish . I was discussing with someone the other day and I ask them y is it that we have politions running for these different islands if they dont live there ? Left alone visit! I feel that once u make that comitment to run for a certain place u have to reside there!. Why I say that ? I that way because how can u serve ur district /island if they dont no there needs ? When u think about it all politions live in Nassau!! What's up with that? How can I run for Pinewood,Golden gates and live in Lyforf Cay? That's some twisted stuff! It should b put in place when u make that comitment ! You comit ! So you can better Serve the people! You think we would of had that problem with the power if Alvin Smith reside on Eleuthera ?
Posted by:Jul 2nd 2008, 09:24:20 pm
BrilandkidHo! please I am sorry if I called them Bastards what I meant was they are pricks.

(Ms kim forgive me) I could not contain myself.
Posted by:Jul 2nd 2008, 09:13:13 pm
BrilandkidYes we need our own, But it is possible to power from Rock Sound via Substations which they are not using wisely. There must be substations employed to run that distance, cannot do it without them. Better yet I agree give us our own, the revenue in our taxes to rhe Bahamas government says we deserve our own. But those greedy bastard politians want it for their pockets has always.
Posted by:Jul 2nd 2008, 10:26:08 am
Briland_AmbitionI agree Maddie, I just don't understand how they expect one generator to Power the entire Island From Rock Sounds straight throught to HI I think it wasnt a wise choice probably was suffient back then!but now its a problem. I feel like being that we are on a seperate island we should have our own on power supply on the Island
Posted by:Jul 1st 2008, 01:47:29 pm
MaddieThanks for your input Kristel;
I should have been more clear in my posting. I was referring to the north end of Harbour Island.

If anyone knows how to contact the people in charge in Nassau, could you please share that with us so we can get a letter writing and/or email campaign started.
Posted by:Jul 1st 2008, 01:05:27 pm
KristelJust as an FYI, I am in the deep south of Eleuthera - Deep Creek. We lose our power between 2-4 times a day - at least an hour at a time, sometimes 2.5 hours. This is usually around 9pm, around 6:30am, and mid afternoon. Just so you know, the problem is not limited to the north. And... this is happening EVERY day. I understand they have brought someone in to bring the new generator online this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Posted by:Jul 1st 2008, 08:38:35 am
MaddieThere have been a lot of postings lately about immigration, the schools and the elections - all of which are very important subjects BUT if something isn't done about the antiquainted power system in the very near future, life on Briland will be drastically changed because the tourists - who you count on for your income - will stop coming.

They are already leaving the rental houses because of the recent power outages!

A friend of mine on Briland writes:

The situation has gotten very bad. It is considerably worse here at the north end as the electric company, when they need to shed or lighten the load, turn only this end of the island off. Aparently this is due to fact their wiring system is not set up to shed/share around... only disconnect us.

Yes we have a generator, but it has been run so much recently, and these standbys are not so designed, that we are having major problems with it. At the moment we can not supply eletricity from it at all... and are waiting for parts to be air shipped in from Chicago. This is not the first time recently. Seems the new fancy computerized high tech stuff gets into trouble with all the salt air and humidty effecting micro switches, solonoids, and so on.

Anyway we just took the decision to close all our rental units down now until at least November, and frankly, I will stay closed until something concrete is done... not just putting bandaids on now and then. We have had 3 walk out rentals so far in the past few weeks,(and I dont blame them)... refunded all.

So as I said, while the electric is off a lot in is off at least twice as much here in the north.

As a tourist, I am not familiar with the chain of command for this issue, but someone needs to get on it or Briland will loose it's tourist money and then the island will have an even bigger probelm than immigration, schools and local elections.

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