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harbour Island commonage property
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Posted by:Aug 7th 2008, 06:33:52 am
BrilandkidThanks Kristi, Ash you are right the terminology registered commoners. This might not qualify me has a commoner even though I am from Briland, have had many meals that were grown on that land North Eleuthera commonage Land or know as over younder.
The original men that fought alongside the British were registered granted that land. There were not that many men that got the grant. It was later that (Ma Vicky) Queen Victoria open and extended registration for those Harbour Islanders natives who considered themselves commoners, a chance to register for a share in those lands. That would be your direct ancestors. Quite a few did not register maybe they had their reasons. But whatever they did back then affects us their offspring today. Yes laws can be changed, but by vote in a civil society. (SOME) of The members of current leadership of the commonage committee is totally flawed they do not know what the meaning of law and rules mean and have no concept of why they are there except greed cause they cannot read. Ash you seem to be quite a sharp person. It was not my intent to say you made up rumors. I am saying that land that you refer to as free is not. Bravery and Sacrifices of life was made, not for the land itself but for freedom. By the way the true meaning of the word Eleuthera is Freedom.
So when it comes down to the nuts and bolts, I being born and raise in Briland does not make me a commoner. It does make me a Harbour Islander (Brilander.) Then if, if my ancestors did not register has commoners then I am not, but they did. So do not be offended, I to stand to be corrected if so.

Keep those fruits and veggies going Ash avoid chemical fertilizers that will poison the land and people.

(If itís ok flour itís ok, sweet huh)
Posted by:Aug 7th 2008, 04:14:30 am
kristiYes BrilandKid (I agree with Ash) - please fill us in on the laws by letting us know what they are and not critisize others for being informative.
Posted by:Aug 5th 2008, 10:29:52 pm
ash12i know what i talk!!! being from briland and ( LIVING on BRILAND) not abroad!!!,,,it clearly states that( you can get as much as you can til if you,re farming,,,,if individuals cant understand what they read!!!!!! the laws have not changed YET!!! it cant, i repeat cannot change without OUR IMPUT (MEANING REGISTERED COMMONER) dont know of any rumors that i,ve post here!!!! again i would like to say i live here an see alot,ve whats going on, on the mainland!! not abroad hearing second hand info ,,,so what i post is concrete. if briland kid knows so much let him enlighten us or better yet me on this!!!! it was intended for farming purposes,,,,,like what i,m doing now,,,sweet bananas,,water melon,sweet potatoe,s ,lima beans,casauva,s and many more fruit an vegetables!! SO I,M DOING WHAT IS WAS INTENDED FOR. new laws was drafted by the commitee.a series of meetings was held (BUT) the laws was never passed,,as it stands the nearly 300 year old law still stand today!!!!! thank you
Posted by:Aug 5th 2008, 02:43:42 pm
KimberlyHere's what Ash wrote in the first place, which seems pretty clearcut:

"we,re facing a serious problem not only in briland. with the lack there of, Of property that native,s can afford to build on. just only minutes away on the mainland of Eleuthera where the land is just about free to anybody who,s from briland and who is a registered commoner."

If you approach anyone on the Harbour Island Commonage Committee, they will do a background check on your rights to generation property. What Ash might want to offer is contact information for expat Brilanders abroad, so that they can make these inquiries via telephone and e-mail.
Posted by:Aug 5th 2008, 02:29:00 pm
Briland_AmbitionBe Blunt about it Briland kid what exactly does it say on the laws?
Posted by:Aug 5th 2008, 07:12:43 am
BrilandkidHowever I will like to add to that you did say registered commomer which is correct. Now go ahead and explain it for them what considered a registered commoner.
Posted by:Aug 5th 2008, 12:46:39 am
BrilandkidI must reply to this one Being from Briland does not, Let me repeat Does not entitle you, me they to free commonage property on North Eleuthera. Please before you go posting this misleading and misinformation. Read the laws that govern distribution of that land. You will see how misinformed you are. The laws are being misconstrued to fit certain individuals greed. IT IS THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE READ IT!!! BETTER YET POST IT AND READ TO THOSE WHO CANNOT READ AND EXPLAIN TO THOSE CAN READ BUT CANNOT UNDERSTAND!!! Stop the rumors. EDUCATION, This is why reading and comprehension is so vital in todayís society. History has proven Rumors and Misunderstanding have known to start some famous wars.

Brilandkid still sweet hey!
Posted by:Jul 24th 2008, 06:55:24 pm
ash12i,ll get all the info and post it for you,,,,are you registered yet??
Posted by:Jul 23rd 2008, 11:41:51 pm
Briland_AmbitionHey ASH do you have a contact that i can reach these person @? I'm intrested and it seem like there going like hot cake lol
Posted by:Jul 21st 2008, 09:22:55 pm
ash12we,re facing a serious problem not only in briland. with the lack there of, Of property that native,s can afford to build on. just only minutes away on the mainland of Eleuthera where the land is just about free to anybody who,s from briland and who is a registered commoner. the land is rapidly being occupied by non commoners and haitians,,we as brilander,s need to act quickly and aquire property through registration through the harbour Island commonage commity an preserve it for our future generation to come,,,,,,there were about 9000 acre,s but the number,s are down and dropping fast if you,re from Briland and you,re not registerd hurry up and do so!!we can not afford to lose it all to certain individuals aquiring to much that they surely can not handle. if persons aren,t familiar with the commonage law! dated back some 250 years,,you can contact ms imach,,mr leon JOHNSON,MS NAOMI FOWLER for info

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