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surfers beach
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Posted by:Jan 20th 2003, 05:34:53 am
briankevin, great recon on Surfer's Beach,Nida should be able to find without to much difficulty. Was wondering if you had any suggestions on getting boards to the island and if board rental etc. is available. Any thoughts would be appreciated and yes one of the boards is a 9' longboard. Thanx, Brian
Posted by:Dec 14th 2002, 06:04:15 am
Surfers Beach is about a mile south of GregoryTown. Its on the left or ocean side.Turn left onto hibiscus "its a rocky road" The road winds down through the bush, past an inn, a couple houses, then down a bumpy hill. This is an adventure in itself. The beach is a beautiful sand beach with tall dunes. There's a shack on the beach created by the local surfers to hang out in. The waves can be demanding. If your an average surfer it should be no problem. The bottom is old worn rock bottm with little growth. There is a ssand bottom just to the right of the break which is good for swimming. Stop at Becca's Beach Shop in Gregorytown. Her husband Pete usually has a surf report on wave and wind conditions daily. During fall winter and spring you'll see other visiting surfers and tourists there. The summer its usually locals.

hope this helps
Posted by:Dec 13th 2002, 07:30:00 pm
Nidacan anyone give me info on surfers beach? How the current conditions are, directions to get there, are there any hazards to look out for like currents, rocks or reefs. How many other people may be there on a given day. thanks for any info.

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