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North Eleuthera Regatta 2009: Party In The Backyard!
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Posted by:Oct 19th 2008, 09:16:33 pm
ash12well i hope that the NEW committee did,nt screw things up for the natives that look forward to having the event to make some needed funds,,,because its really slow during that time of the year,,especially during october
Posted by:Oct 10th 2008, 11:20:12 pm
Fig Tree News Team
Boats set sail for Briland and San Sal

By KELSIE JOHNSON, Nassau Guardian Sports Reporter

For the second consecutive year, the North Eleuthera Regatta will not host a C-class division, leaving the majority of the C-class boats in the country to set sail for the San Salvador Regatta. Both regattas will be held this holiday weekend. While the San Salvador Regatta will play host to the C-class boats, the North Eleuthera Regatta will accommodate boats sailing in both the A and B classes.

According to sailing enthusiast 'King' Eric Gibson, skippers are losing interest in the North Eleuthera Regatta, and as a result, many are opting out of competing or in the case of the C-class boats, they are just deciding to head to San Salvador.

The 'Campari Lady Nathalie', skippered by Eleazor 'The Sailing Barber' Johnson will not set sail this weekend in the waters off North Eleuthera, even though the 'Lady Nathalie' is a B class sloop. Johnson said the scheduling of the two regattas at the same time is strenuous on skippers, who usually enjoy closing with the North Eleuthera Regatta.

Even though he did not go as far as Gibson, who called the regatta "unorganized", Johnson said he too believes the interest level for sailors competing in the North Eleuthera Regatta has dropped, now that boats are being "hand picked". Johnson said: "It is not Briland (Harbour Island) itself, but I just don't like the idea of two regattas being held at the same time. I don't think it should happen. You would find one set of boats going to San Salvador and the rest in Harbour Island.

"I feel as though the regatta in Briland, which started from 1989... you should be able to see all the top boats there. This used to be the last regatta on the season. This should be the one where all the boats take part, all the boats should be there. You shouldn't pick three B-class boats and three or four A-class boats. All the boats should be there - this is the big one."

Even though Johnson described the North Eleuthera Regatta as "the big one", sailors who opted not to compete will not be losing any points toward the Boat of the Year award. The last points regatta was Cat Island, which was held over the August Monday holiday weekend. However, Johnson pointed out that the cash prize being offered by the San Salvador Regatta committee is more than the North Eleuthera Regatta and that is attracting a lot of C-class boats.

The North Eleuthera Regatta has a prize purse of $4,550 for the top four boats in the A-class ranging from $1,500 for the winner to $800 for the fourth place finisher. The B-class boats prize money will start from $1,000 and will go down to $200. There will be three Cup races in each division at the North Eleuthera Regatta. Over in San Salvador, skippers in the C-class division will be competing for a prize purse that starts at $1,500 and that will go down to $600. Johnson calls this a good purse compared to some of the other regattas.

According to Gibson, the prizes being offered is not a concern of his. The 'sailing king' is worried about where the regatta is headed.

He said: "The people who are organizing the regatta are out to make it fail. The way they set up the regatta, it will fail. You can step up the regatta and have much success, that's if you know what you're doing, but if you don't, it will be unsuccessful. Boats won't have much choice but not to partake. You can get turned off, that is the sailors. If these things are not set up properly we get turned off. Whenever it is set up properly it is the biggest regatta, especially around this time, but everyone gets there (regatta committees) and think they know what they are doing but they don't know and it fails. San Salvador, they know what they (are) doing. They set it up properly and they sought the advice of persons who are experienced in putting regattas together. In essence, they are the underdogs, but they came out better than North Eleuthera. They hired people to help," he charged. "Right now I am avoiding telling people what they need to do, so personally I am not getting involved. Last year I went overboard and I got no thanks."

Gibson said he will be attending the San Salvador Regatta. His 'Anna Nicole' is currently in fourth place in the A-class division for 'Boat of the Year' honors.
Posted by:Sep 27th 2008, 07:51:38 pm
Fig Tree News Team
Double trouble for Discovery Day

By KARAN MINNIS, Guardian Lifestyles Reporter

If you ask a Bahamian, another word for holiday is party. And there's no such thing as a wasted party, and the October 12 holiday weekend will be no exception, with two of The Bahamas' best parties to choose from two Family Island regattas.

From Friday, Oct. 10 to Tuesday, Oct. 14 the residents of North Eleuthera and Harbour Island will open their doors to all and sundry as over 2,000 people are expected to attend its regatta, while another 1,000 people will be chilling out on the beaches of San Salvador from Friday, Oct. 10 to Sunday, Oct. 12.

Even though there are plenty of parties to choose from, Reverend Dr. Philip McPhee, a member of the North Eleuthera Regatta Committee, says you need to be heading to Eleuthera for their party, because he claims they will have the best.

"The North Eleuthera Regatta is not a regatta that has to worry about competition. We have years of history that will help us to draw the crowd that we expect to have. What we have here is five days of racing in which scores of locally-built sailing sloops from throughout the islands of The Bahamas from all classes will be vying for championship on the seas between Harbour Island and Three-Island Bay, North Eleuthera," he said. "Also, the North Eleuthera Regatta is one of if not the best regattas that The Bahamas has to offer, and that's not the only draw because with all of that excitement there will definitely be a festive atmosphere onshore as well."

"With a number of onshore activities planned, you can look forward to native dishes, entertainment by local bands, swimming contests, road races and fashion shows, along with a church service, and nightly entertainment featuring famed Bahamian musicians and entertainers," said McPhee. He promises there will be lots to do.

Additionally, he says that the draw of Harbour Island itself will make this regatta successful.

"People have been making arrangements for this regatta from last year. Also we have many dedicated sailors who will be participating, so we expect this regatta to be as successful as it always is. People just want to be here and so if you want to experience one of the largest sloop racing events in The Bahamas you will be in North Eleuthera that weekend," said McPhee.

Paul Turnquest, commodore of the 2008 San Salvador Grahams Harbour Regatta, begs to differ. He says that San Salvador will be the place to be, and that "if you go anywhere else, you will regret it."

He added, "This year we are looking at pulling off one of the most exciting regattas in 2008. Basically, we're just catering to the C-class sloops over a two-day period. Now one of the things that we're doing that's probably a little different from most of the other associations that have been holding regattas is that all of our races will be cup races and so we're offering very attractive cash prizes for the sailors in total of about $16,000. Because of this I've been getting calls from various skippers and boat owners from around The Bahamas for the past several weeks showing an interest in participating."

Like North Eleuthera, San Salvador will also have a number of onshore activities for persons to indulge in, like the bouncing castle, the hoop la, and other various games for the children. There will also be a cultural show on Friday, Oct. 10. The Royal Bahamas Police Pop Band is also excepted to perform.

"With all of this activity we expect to double our population this weekend, and make this the most successful regatta ever. This is why we're inviting everyone to come on down," said Turnquest.

North Eleuthera Regatta

Getting there:

Via Bahamasair - $140

Where to stay:

Quality Inn - $100 per night

PIneapple Fields - $210 per night

San Salvador Regatta

Getting there:

Via Bahamasair - $175

Where to stay:

Club Med - $150 per night

Riding Rock - $130 per night
Posted by:Sep 11th 2008, 05:58:34 pm
Fig Tree News TeamNorth Eleuthera Regatta

Sports Writer, Nassau Guardian

The 19th North Eleuthera Regatta is the next major regatta on the calendar year. It is scheduled for the Discovery Day Holiday weekend, from the 9th- 13th October, in the waters of North Eleuthera.

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