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Save Our Bahamaland: A Green Bahamas Begins With You
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Posted by:Oct 5th 2008, 08:56:00 pm
Fig Tree News Team"You are on the rock, And It's heating up.

Here are some things YOU (can) do to help.
Save Our Bahamaland:

-Collect your aluminum cans for 'Cans for Kids'. (Depots at Sandyport Gas Station, BNT, WasteNot, Lyford Cay School, and NPCC on Blake Rd. We're working with Daybreak Eleuthera to coordinate transport from Briland.)

-Stop putting your garden clippings out with your garbage. (WasteNot Limited (394-8517) will take it to be composted at Green Systems (service starts as low as $8/month)

-Take reusable groccery bags to the food store. (You can get groccery specific bags from Bahamas National Trust or from Inner Wheel, East Nassau (go to Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty 393-8630). Pigly Wigly is sporting reusable cloth bags as well ... support the local effort!

-Take your empty beer bottles to be recycled. (Kalik, Heineken, Guiness and Vitamalt bottles go to Action Recycling (394-1810). Take your empty Sands bottles Mon, Wed, & Thurs 8-12pm to West Car Building on Wulff Rd, east of Columbus Primary.)

-Buy local whenever you can. (Buying local dramatically decreases transportation which is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

-Conserve water, electricity, & gas. Walk. Or do your errands on a bicycle.

How DID we get around this three-mile long, half-mile wide island before someone invented the golf cart ;-)? You really don't need to drive everywhere!

-Take your empty ink cartridges to be refilled. (Ink Depot on Carmichael Rd (341-1465) and Prince Charles (324-9465) or Cartridge Depot on Mr. Royal 328-5249)

-The Bahamas National Trust. They (do their best to) look after our national parks (393-1317)
-Bahamas Reef Environmental Educational Foundation. They look after our reefs and fish (327-9000)
-Bahamas National Pride. They work to keep our islands clean, free from litter and dumping (326-3330). Get on their case, and tell them that they have quite a few Out Islands to support as well!

Yours etc.,
Lord Dunmore Grouper, green columnist-at-large.

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