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Family Island Views: Bahama Journal
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Posted by:Dec 17th 2002, 11:17:48 pm
Fig Tree News

Family Island Views
Family Islands Need Many Changes During 2003

Another year is closing out and "things basically remain the same in the Family Islands ."

That is the general assessment one gets when speaking to islanders from Grand Bahama and Abaco in the north to Inagua and Mayaguana down south. With the possible exception of Abaco, the government administrators through the years have virtually ignored the Family Islands for the most part.

Of course, the islanders are not ignored when it is campaign time. Oh No. The politicians swarm on the Family Islands in a big way, offering "everything" as they seek to garner enough votes for individual victories and collective party success. Traditionally though, once the dust from the campaign settles, the politicians disappear in many cases never to show up again in those respective locales until election time again.

This scenario is repeated over and over again.

And yes, "things remain basically the same."

Many island areas still have major problems with their mail boat service. Bahamasair came on stream to provide a higher and more efficient level of travel. Sadly, it has been equally as frustrating. Indeed, Bahamasair, our flag carrier, happens to be the very "best" example of poor service.

Family Island roads are in disrepair. Docks and airport, those vital points of entry are always in need of being upgraded and refurbished. Very little or nothing happens though.

The garbage situation is chaotic in most islands. One island in particular has long had to resort to dumping on a privately owned lot at the side of the main road. The years come and go and visitors to the islands are confronted with the unsightly scene. At times, depending upon where the wind is blowing, the smell is quite offensive.

More significantly, such a situation presents a constant health hazard.

Does the government care?

Does any government care?

Apparently none of them do.

This seems to be the case because no matter the change of political administration, "things basically remain the same."

No matter who happens to be in charge of looking after the Family Islands , the "status quo" remains in place. "Things continue as they have always existed." Little or no attention is paid to the needs and general concerns of the islanders.

As we get ready across this blessed nation to celebrate and birth of Our Lord Jesus, hopefully in the waning moments of the year 2002, finally one government will follow up on its many promises to those in the Family Islands with substantive action.

I will just give two examples here.

The Minister of Works and Utilities has gone on record with plans to begin projects on roadways and airports in the islands. Letís see what happens with those plans.

A notice has already been placed requesting tenders to fix the dock in Landrail Point, Crooked Island .

Letís us see what happens there.

The roads in South Andros , inclusive of Mangrove Cay are in terrible shape. Repairs were promised by Minister Bradley Roberts.

Letís see what happens.

Family Island Views will close out the year with some reminders for our leaders. This "New Progressive Liberal Party" Government of Prime Minister Perry Christie has promised to be very different from its predecessor who had a tendency to be most "uncaring" about the Family Islands .

Hopefully Prime Minister Christie will do all in his power to make sure that come 2003, "things will not remain basically the same" in the islands.

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