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Marina Call: Keep An Eye Out For The Sailboat Adamo!
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Posted by:Apr 11th 2009, 10:32:21 am
The Partymanany updates Gideon? Boat has not been seen. Heard story of possible re-paint and new vessel name.

Posted by:Apr 3rd 2009, 05:45:38 pm
The PartymanGreg, I have someone in Daytona Beach looking for them now in case they are there. The marinas are being swept as we speak.

As far as "aromatherapy" for the Adamo, we have that covered. It would be a shame if their anchor line was accidentally cut and the boat drifted off while they were getting drunk at Chat-n-Chill...
Posted by:Apr 3rd 2009, 05:03:34 am
kristilet's just hope they are not reading this board !
Posted by:Apr 2nd 2009, 08:48:27 pm
GideonIf anyone sees Adamo please call me on 242-357-7143 Gregory Graham. I emailed Sue Jansen with my contacts 2 days after we found out but all they did was threaten to sue us. Once we contacted their lawyer with the evidence and who is also their neighbour they dissappeared of course. The National Trust, The PM, The DMP and the police would love for the Adamo to be found. Call me at any time with their location. I will keep it private.

Posted by:Apr 2nd 2009, 05:03:46 pm
KimberlySo, who's going to Georgetown for regatta then? Be sure to drop some secret fresh fish gifts at the Adamo when you see them at anchor ... Bahamian sushi in the hot sunshine ought to make for a memorable cologne.
Posted by:Apr 1st 2009, 09:47:45 pm
The PartymanRumor has it that Adamo will be in Georgetown for the Family Island Regatta. The PM will be there.

If we see Adamo, and we will, as we all track VHF 68 (the "Cruiser's Channel)... let's just say that Adamo better "DUCK".

The only "BUD" thery will have in Georgetown is the luke-warm swill that they will have under deck.

We will not "kalik" if you can dig it.

Thank you for your faith perseverance and work GG. We appreciate it.





Posted by:Apr 1st 2009, 05:15:45 pm
GideonHi all,

I saw your comments and as the owner of the island in question I can tell you we have eye witnesses and signed testimoney from the other sailers who witnessed what Phil and Mike did as well as the six bud cans they left with the ducks feet, head, guts and wingtips. They bragged openly to the boaters in Joe sound and gleefully recounted chasing our animals for 2 and half hours. This place has been in our family for 50 years and I thank the sailers that came forward. You will notice they removed all evidence from their site once it reached the newspapers here in the Bahamas and in their Daytona paper as well. One slight blessing is they only killed our pet duck and ate it not a West Indian Tree duck which is what they saw and went after as that animal is endanger and on the CITES redlist. Our island is the largest repopullation center for these birds in the world and we started with only three wild ones in the early 1970's. The Tree ducks sit on the rocks in front of our cottages where the Adamo saw them and then implemented their plan after other sailers told them not too. Sad but true and with their own testimony verified by witnesses and affirmed for my family to see on their blog roasting in a pan. Truly aweful.

Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 05:07:24 pm
The PartymanAdamo is guilty. The photos were posted on their blog and then they removed the photos. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Footloose should be put on dry ground and dry docked at Fox Hill. At Fox Hill the crew aboard Adamo and Footloose can discover what "pet" really means.

The Adamo crew are from Daytona Beach Florida by the way.

Send these hicks to the sticks.
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2009, 01:02:17 pm
KimberlyHi, Footloose ... thanks for contributing. Are those entries on their sailing blog being posted by your friends, or by hackers?
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 06:53:39 pm
FootlooseI have just spent a couple of hours with some great people who are devastated at being unjustly accused of killing someone’s pet. They have received death threats and been e-mailed with lies about the Bahamian Police looking for them.

They have been accused of jumping a fence, trespassing on private property, stealing beer out of someone’s home, leaving trash on a beach, and killing the family’s pet duck. This may have happened to someone on Long Island, but it certainly was not done by the crew aboard the Adamo.

We have traveled with Mike, Sue, and Phillip for quite some time. They are honest to a fault, caring about the Bahamian people, caretakers of the natural resources that we all travel to the Bahamas for and would never have done what they are being accused of.

While we shared an anchorage in Abraham Bay in Mayaguana, Phillip supplied hooks and wire leaders to the local Bahamian fisherman, who had lost all of theirs to barracuda and sharks. Adamo on multiple occasions supplied fish to the local families on the island. Mike was and still is always ready to assist fellow boaters with any type of problem from electrical, mechanical, or even to dive an anchor for an elderly sailor to make certain they were safe.

These people have been unjustly accused. The people who are trafficking in these lies and repeating unfounded accusations need to get their facts correct and accuse those who are rightfully in the wrong and not just spread malicious rumors about good and decent people.

We are very proud to call Mike, Sue, and Phillip our friends and will ceaselessly defend them from these glaring lies.

Tom and Doris aboard Footloose
Posted by:Mar 1st 2009, 10:24:32 am
hobiecatI read through some of the other entries on the site and they've also killed a ray. I do hope these people are caught...and that they turn their practices around and teach their home-schooled son about respecting the laws of their host countries.
Posted by:Feb 28th 2009, 06:15:58 pm
Fig Tree News TeamJust got this from the Bahamas Humane Society on Facebook

Dear Members and Friends of the Bahamas Humane Society,
This morning, we were alerted to this online blog http://adamocrew.blogspot.comof a sailboat of American tourists, who spend their winters cruising our islands. After reading their blog entries, it seems that they pay very little attention to our national fisheries regulations, regarding the species they can and can't (conch) take, how many they can take (crawfish), what size they can't take (crawfish, again), and what tools they can't use (harpoons).

I probably missed some.
Their latest entry ("Joe's Sound - Long Island") tells the story of how they went on to a private island, uninvited and unauthorised, and caught some local wildlife there for dinner. Not only is the bird they caught on the endangered species list, it also happened to be the pet of the little girl whose parents own the island and have turned it into a bird sanctuary to protect these birds!

From all accounts, the fact that these weren't simply "marauding" birds but that they were cared for on the island should have been visible even to the most casual visitor. However, the crew of the Adamo did not seem to concerned, and when they left the beach, they left their garbage behind. Litterbugs, too!

Please help spread the news, not only to raise awareness of these issues within our society, but also to show tourists what they can and cannot do when visiting our country and enjoying our natural beauty.

The journal entry is dated February 25th, so it is reasonable to assume that they are still cruising the Bahamas. If you see the Adamo in a port, marina or anchorage, please let us (or even better, the authorities) know!
Many Bahamians have already responded to this blog in the comments section, and you are encouraged to do the same.

Thank you!

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