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Fig Tree In Box: Where's The Charm?
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Posted by:Mar 11th 2009, 04:12:03 am
kristishootouts at nightclubs - are you kidding????? Harbour Island is no longer a place that I will let my children roam without an adult.
Posted by:Mar 10th 2009, 08:53:28 pm
brilandbeautyI think briland has lost some of it's charm. People aren't as friendly anymore, they are not as helpful or as polite and most of all they are not trying to preserve our number one industry. They act as if they don't need it... well I do!! Briland people need to stop thinking they've some how "arrived". Nsme one job on this island and in this counrty that is not effected by tourism?
Posted by:Mar 10th 2009, 01:06:50 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThe morning notes included this missive from a local Briland businessperson:

"Harbour Island at one point had this certain charm. Do we still have it? Lately, I feel that Brilanders found a different source of income other than TOURISM because we seem to be allowing Guns and Shootouts at the nightclubs,fights with weapons,extremely loud noises from Dirt Bikes,and Music from trucks at high speed(that when passing one has to tape dishes down).

Speed bumps were put in place but they get ignored.Have you ever tried walking in the road? It's really hard. Cars, large dump trucks and even golf carts push you into the walls on the road sides.
Now my question to you is : How long does this have to go on? Do we have to loose our Tourist Market over this? Cause my work relies on the Tourist Trade, what about yours?

Please, lets not overlook this.

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