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Harbour Island Day Nursery
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Posted by:May 18th 2009, 08:39:46 pm
JohnYou can send them to the HIDN in Care of Tiffany Harbour Island Bahamas 'but it will take a number of weeks to get there. I am going down in a couple of weeks so can send them to me. John Tysse, 141 central, Holland, Mich, 49723 and will take them down for you. Thanks
Posted by:May 15th 2009, 03:44:10 pm

My group of 7 visited the daycare last week and Tiffany was wonderful. We'd like to send copies of the pictures and other misc. items for the kids now and then. Can you please supply me with the mailing address.

Thanks, Jennifer (guest of the McLallen Family in South Bar)
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2009, 09:08:10 am
JohnBoy would we love to have the books. I am not sure how to get them there. Perhaps you could Call the G & G 954 920 9292 and ask if they would be willing to take them over knowing they are for the school. I know Customs would allow books for the school in free of duty. Lable them for the Nursery and address to Wade Higggs. Thanks.and good luck.
Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 03:01:31 pm
The PartymanImma stand by teacha on this oner. More givers, less takers makes everywhere better. These are tough times. Sacrifice. Donate.

A wise man once told the PM something that stands to this day:


(and that don't mean giving the contents of your yachts' septic tank to the harbour - that ain't ther givin' I be talkin' bout.)

Posted by:Mar 21st 2009, 04:35:17 pm
teacha1Glad to hear that the nursery is doing so well I used to work at the dunmore school and have some children's books that I would like to donate how could I go about sending them I live in canada
Posted by:Mar 14th 2009, 09:59:38 am
JohnContributions are always welcome and THANKS. To receive a donation receipt from the States for the IRS, contributions can be made to:
The Church of Gor Wrold Missions, PO Box2430, Cleveland Tenn. 37311.

Reference # Harbour Island Day Nursery Account #040-0002

Or a check to Harbour Island Day Nursery, In Care of Mr. Wade Higgs, Harbour Island, Bahamas. Thanks so much asthe school must raise approximately $60,000 each year to continue to operate without raising tuition for the student families.
Posted by:Mar 14th 2009, 09:39:42 am
MaddieCongratulations to all! I remeber when the Nursery was started, what a wonderful thing for the working families on Harbour Island.

Please tell us how we can make a donation to the nursery, since we are not coming down this year.
Posted by:Mar 13th 2009, 09:33:24 am
JohnSix teachers have completed their in-service training for the Grandfathering of Caregivers of Daycare and Preschool Centers. they have been trained in CPR for infants, toddlers and adults. They have been tested by and observed in their teaching skills by the Ministry of Education and passed with flying colors. They were told they were the best group of teachers they have had and would recommend the school to anyone. The lowest test score received was a 96 and Tiffany was the star with 100%. They are all very proud and happy. The Graduation Ceremony is being held in Nassua on March 19. They are going over on the Fast Ferry on March 18th, staying three in a room in Nassua so they can be a part of all of the recognition program. Ada Slaight and son Garry have graciously made a donation to the HIDN to cover the expenses so they can receive their certificates together.

The six teachers are:Mrs. Bernice Johnson, Mrs Veronica Adderley, Mrs Iona Higgs, Ms Neeka Higgs, Mrs Verdell Higgs and Mrs Tiffany Dean.

Contact us online at