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Boaters, Beware: Ethanol Additives Erode Fiberglass Gas Tanks Over Time
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Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 05:02:19 pm
The PartymanIt is not your economy.

But, I do give you credit. You and your 70' vessel do pay proper marina fees and you do enjoy throwing your money around the island and we all thank you for sleeping on your boat and not interbreeding your two poodles with the local potcakes. If that happened we would have "potoodles" running around the island requesting caviar on their morning chicken bones.

So, keep throwing your money around (it is appreciated) and keep sleeping on that over priced floating condo.

Sidebar question: Does your wife keep her botox in the fridge or the freezer?

Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 04:26:20 pm
Beach ComberDont you know that the power to tax is the power to destroy. If we charge higher taxes to the cruisers, it will only hurt our own economy.
Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 03:36:46 pm
The PartymanOn another note, all cruisers should be charged higher taxes to anchor in the Bahamas for extended lengths of time. Some are decent but the majority are cheap, add little to the local enconomy, bring poluution but do not offset it with local commerce. They also deplete local crawfish and fish stock along with not recognizing seasional fishing laws (especially crawfish and grouper).

Cruisers: Cruise into a local restaurant, store, business, pull out that wallet and start extracting money. Otherwise, the PM and some of his fololowers will extract your anchor!

Please, contribute.

I have also learned that very few have any knowledge of Bahamian history / culture.

They cannot tell a Guava Duff from a Hillary Duff, a sheep tongue's souse from a beatin' spouse, a conch fritter from an underpaid babysitter, a Kalik from a cruising clique, a Spanish Plum from a bottle of Bay Rum or a chickcharnie from their Uncle Charlie!

Posted by:Mar 17th 2009, 09:23:14 am
smittyVery interesting, Barbara.Do you know what material they are making the tanks out of?
Posted by:Mar 16th 2009, 04:11:53 pm
Fig Tree News TeamBarbara Byers sends this note of warning to area boat enthusiasts:

"I have an older Boston Whaler and at the time of purchase I decided to purchase a larger above hull fiberglass gas tank. For decades they installed fiberglass fuel tanks above and below deck on thousands of boats. Only recently did they stop using fiberglass tanks.

Anyway for about the last two years I was always having problems with black gunk in the valves and carburators off and on. This weekend the tank cracked and the gas ran out. Upon looking online for a new tank I discovered that they no longer are producing fiberglass gas tanks because overtime the new increase in ethanol in our fuel dissolves the fiberglass gas tank. The by- product is the black gunk that causes many engines problems. Even with a quality fuel filter it still creates costly problems. Down the road the tank will dissolve.

I don't know if this will be of any help to anyone but I thought it was at least worth putting out there. Heck, maybe they'll save the $1500.00 I've spent the last 18 months.

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