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harbour Island allage school
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Posted by:Oct 14th 2009, 08:35:11 pm
ash12some parents get involved to enhance the corruption. i really thought it was going to be different this year! i have a gut feeling that whoever it may be really dont want certain students to excell! or may be trying to mentally confuse certain students because of they,re looks or characteristic,s! leaders are born not created! strangers can come and see what certain teachers refuse to see! is it envyism or jealousy? please tell me because i dont know!
Posted by:Oct 13th 2009, 11:21:29 pm
MaddieIf the some of the teachers at the All Age School are corrupt the parents HAVE to get involved.

Your children's futures are at stake!
Posted by:Oct 13th 2009, 08:05:20 pm
ash12looks like the same old foolishness is going on (AGAIN)teachers leaving themselve,s open for criticism! grade tampering being conspired by one of the head teachers! one of the head teachers deliberitly picking on certain children! an to say to that child, (now go and tell ya family that i,m picking with ya now!) the grades are there PLAIN IN BLACK AND WHITE! now look like some parents got to do some more writing to the ministry (AGAIN)!! teachers can be moved but looks like some head teachers cant be moved at all! all the tests copies being givin to certain students that graduated already! all this will be mentioned to the ministry! i,m glad that Ms missick is trying to do her best that she can,,but she has to watch one of her senior faculty members from last years administration.all students should be treated fairly and just. some serious stuff went on today!! but we as caring parents of our children education. we will be monitoring certain teachers scoring methods closely this time around!! we let to much slip buy last year!
Posted by:Apr 25th 2009, 07:54:54 am
ash12i guess whoever the parent is who starting the petition,,actual facts would be outlined in it.the scandal and the conspiracy would surely surface
Posted by:Apr 25th 2009, 05:12:05 am
kristiMake a petition - state actual facts with actual names - and I am sure that things will be done/changed. By not stating these points is the same as proctecting these students/teachers. (just my thought)
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 08:59:04 pm
ash12wow! you graduated with a diploma also? wow! so did i, this is so deep to post every single detail! but it greives me to see foreign teachers getting caught up with certain bahamians, parents and teachers conspiring against some top students. my wife and i had to go up to the school to question the scoring methods of a certain teacher of a paticular subject for our kid. come to find out it was a mistake on the teachers behalf! being concerned parents you,ll be ridiculed!! i see that very much now a days. thats a big problem here in briland! nobody speaks out on situations! if they do! there is no action! where is the petition? let me sign it!!
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 08:41:54 pm
brilandbeautyAsh, I will extend a thought to the idea that there are some teachers that may attempt to sabatage some students as I have had it happen to me. Howeer, what I had instilled in me they were not able to manipulate which was a proper discipline for education. This I learned from my mother a 10th grade dropout. If you as a parent feel that your child is being victumized you then have a right to address it with the school board. If no satisfaction is acheied, appeal to a higher court. Point is, why do you think you should settle for "some teacher" to make or break your child's future. An intelligent student will always rise above any discrimination. I do agree with BA in that I believe that teachers should be graded as students are but not by the principle and school board but by the results of their students. If you have a class of 20 and 4 are able to graduate...that teacher just failed!
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 06:11:51 pm
The spanish inquisition"you never witnessed or it never happen in you,re presence! you dont know of any tampering!,,like you said! you dont know!"


"you mite be in denial"
No, I just said a thousand times before that I've never seen it happen. I'm not denying it happens, I've just never seen it happen.

"or you want me to spell it out for you to compredend it!""
What's there you comprehend? You say there's tampering and bad teachers, I say I've never seen it or witnessed it.
I'm sure as hell not saying it doesn't happen. Christ almighty man, hahaha!

"you talk of you,re asumptions and opinions"

no, I talk of my EXPERIENCE of while I was there, and I OFFER ideas on how to solve the problems instead of just blaming and accusing. I graduated (with a diploma) from there not too long ago. Is it possible things have changed? Is it possible things have gotten worse? worse? Yes. I'm just putting in my two cents on how to solve the crisis, and my ANALYZING (not making assumptions) the situation.

"now tell me S.I is that mental cruelty? "
See? This is details. All I was told before was "the teachers are bad, they're terrible", but no one told me EXACTLY or gave an EXAMPLE of what was done. Now, ask they same student why the teacher did this. They'll probably say "I don't know, he/she just don't like me".
I mean, the teachers bahavior you just stated is unacceptable, period. But come on, if this kid is first in the class, then ask yourself WHY WOULD THE TEACHER FEEL THIS WAY. Don't look at that one incident. Look into the teachers relationship with the student. Did the student cuss out the teacher at some point? Did the student say or do something that was uncalled for out of school? Why would they be a bad relationship between any teacher, and the no. 1 student in the class?

"It boils me over to see teachers putting down student causing students to build up this "I dumb" mentality"
I think you misinterpreted what I said BA. Why does the student feel this way? Not because they teacher made the student feel this way, but because the student convinced themselves they're this way. When the teacher saw that the student was convinced they were dumb, what could the teacher do to help them? It's like telling trying to convince a Christian about the pros of abortion. The Christian is so set in their ways, that they wouldn't hear any arguments about it as much as you try. It's a lost cause. That's the same way the teacher felt when she heard the student say that about themselves.
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 04:01:43 pm
ash12you have some teachers who just dont like certain students as individuals but love what they can do representing the school! with all the speech debates.some kids have the talent and alot dont have it at all.a class was given an asignment to do! a particular student gave the teacher they,re work when they got through with the work. gave it to the teacher to mark it! some time later another student found the asigment on the ground outside unmarked,,,,,,,but the other students work was marked! so that particular student asked the teacher about the,re work being on the ground outside! the teacher did,nt reply at all back to the student! but cut they eyes at the student! now tell me S.I is that mental cruelty? but that student is destined to come first AGAIN this term!
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 03:15:41 pm
ash12well S.I i,ll probably have to invite you to the next P.T.A meeting so you can be updated on whats going on up at the school! i can surely call names of students and teachers who got treated unfairly up at that school! you never witnessed or it never happen in you,re presence! you dont know of any tampering!,,like you said! you dont know! it hapepend before and still is now. teachers talk, students talk of whats happening at that school. so i could assure you,it is happening. you mite be in denial,,or you want me to spell it out for you to compredend it! you talk of you,re asumptions and opinions,,well thats what you say or think! we all have our opinions! but i do know some serious stuff is going on up at that school. just the other day a teacher had to lie for the principal! see S.I i could go on and on with incidents which happened up there. if you only know! but you will soon. a group of parents are preparing to go to nassau to report this administration up at the school.a student was ridiculed! if you only know for what reason!
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 10:42:10 am
Briland_AmbitionWhen it comes to the educational views of HIAAS. it takes a mental toll on me.........I graduated from HIAAS btw 1999-2005( I know you'll probably wondering why i choose such a wide range but i did that for a purpose, there was a huge change in the system on the whole btw them years. I feel that favor is a factor in this equation(this isnt something I am asking but stating). It boils me over to see teachers putting down student causing students to build up this "I dumb" mentality, and on top of that certain teachers focus on the ones who they think would make them look good as as teacher, Leaving those students who aren't were they suppose to be to become discoruaged, I agree it starts at home but like I stated in a pass Blog, How can education start at home when some of the students arent fortunate like other students where the parents have the ability to hlep there kids when it comes to home work, BJC, BGCSE....etc. I feel highly that education now should be a community effort why i say that its because of what i stated above we need to help each other to grow out of this MAID, BARTENDER, WAITER, WAITRESS MENTALITY. We have some bright kids on HI but no one to help them stay focus and if we look at it when were graded with a D average they dont pick out one student its the average of the whole school. This is the grade of the staff and the Principal( think about it ppl) Pull together help each other and i dont wonna sound no way but we need more Bahamian teachers on the family island........ Cause most foreign teacher only worry about gettin a pay check to send back home to there families, they live free of charge bill free (from what I no ) so once there are one or two in the class they suceed with then they dont to worry about the rest....they feel like they arrived so the then focus on those few. Just like how students are graded teachers should be as well, and if they fail they should be moved and then replaced. It may seem like a Tedeus thought but when you think about the fact that these teacchers arent doing well with out students they dont car to much about our lil island. I had a Teacher that came to school when she felt, talk to the students how she feel, look at you like they didnt expect much from you being that your from Briland I just dont no anymore.

P.S The students are not Lax the Teachers are, thats a siutuation to that needs to be looked into.......And sloved
Posted by:Apr 24th 2009, 01:55:31 am
The spanish inquisition" the problem exsists at the lunch area,at the gate,and in the head office"

Now what EXACTLY is the problem at the lunch area, gate and head office? I thought you first said the teachers were the problem? Are you saying the teachers are also at the lunch areas and at the gates?

"if some parents take time out to listen to they kids on whats happening up at the school!"
Like what/ What exactly is happening? I say we get some of the students on here and ask them what's going on, so everyone here would know.

"grade tampering,mental cruelty from certain teachers!"
Wow, I've never seen that when I went to HIAA. Like I said, teachers (some, not all) tended to concentrate on the "smart: students, but they sure as hell didn't mentally, or verbally abuse any of the other students.

And I surely don't know anything about grade tampering when I was there. The sstudents dd bad because they didn't know anything, They didn't know anything, cause they didn't pay attention in class. They didn't pay attention in class cause they didn't CARE about their education.

We have to look at WHY they don't care about their education.

Don't to trying to go off topic here, but hear me out.
One thing I'll never forget while I was at HIAA, that I never saw in any other school I attended:

A teacher asked a student a question. The student gave attitude and said stuff like "man, leave me alone". Both the student and teacher got frustrated, and the teacher asked "why are you acting like this?". The student replied assertively "Man, I dumb!". At that point the teacher just rolled her eyes and continued with class.

My point is, for some reason the students aren't expected to excel, to become anything, to do anything with their lives. From a young age, all they look forward to is drinking, drugs and the Vic-Hum. The parents don't expect them to become anything, their friends don't expect them to become anything, and worst of of, they themselves to expect to become anything AND THEY'RE CONVINCED THAT THEY'RE JUST STUPID SO THEY DON'T TRY. I said all this in the last topic, so let me slow down. To reiterirate: they're products of their society, which includes home, school, friends and the rest of the island. none of those groups expect to child to become anything, so the child has nothing to aspire to, except what the "adults" do once they're outta school, which on Harbour Island, is sex drugs. That's IT.
Posted by:Apr 23rd 2009, 11:07:12 pm
ash12B.B, i dont think i was trying to imply that the fault is the teachers and the school only. let me spell it out clearly!! there are serious problems at that school now. ofcourse the nations average is a D. but ask yourelf..whats harbour island allage school,s average?? the problem exsists at the lunch area,at the gate,and in the head office. go back to my first post and you would see exactly what i said,,,residents,,parents,gaurdians. i dont have a on, i could see exactly what goes on on the you said,how can we fix this problem? the crap needs to come to the light so the very same kids that have kids.if some parents take time out to listen to they kids on whats happening up at the school! you,ll probably see it from a different angle,,grade tampering,mental cruelty from certain teachers!!all of that tends to have an effect on students
Posted by:Apr 23rd 2009, 09:01:34 pm
brilandbeautyAsh, I hear what you are saying but I can't side with you on this one. The teachers and schools are not solely the blame as you imply. It's true that the level of sincere concern for the educational values of our kids, are not priority for some teachers but some genuinely do care. Unfortunately, it is evident that at a certain age and grade...things change. The Sp In., raised a valid begins at home. Although there are some admirable parents like yourself and your wife...there are alot that leae little to desire and view their kids as a burden...Kids raised by kids! I want us to focus on the issue here and we are not. Issue being that we (The Bahamas) is a nation with an average of "D"! So, these problems we discuss is not restricted to HI but our entire country. Where are we going wrong and how can we fix it?
Posted by:Apr 23rd 2009, 08:44:12 am
ash12dont blame!!?? someone is always at fault of something, in this case the school. i,ve figured it out already! some of the educators are at fault mostly in my veiw. well i can speak for my wife and i.we do our endeavoured best to educate our kids and to instill in them respect for anyone not only elders. i interact with teachers on a daily basis. if you cant gain the respect from the body of teachers and students! thats clarification there that you,re not experienced enough to handle the position!! simple as that,,thats a quick fix! years of experience is needed here for this school!
Posted by:Apr 23rd 2009, 01:40:10 am
The spanish inquisition"but i dont think its all of the parents fault, a lot can be blamed on SCHOOL now all of a sudden. "
Number one, don't start jumping around "blaming". Instead, try to figure out what's going on and try to find a genuine solution. There is no quick fix, nor is there just one solution.

Now then, a lot of what I'm about to say has been said already in the last topic about the school.

The Parents:
Many of theses irresponsible parents didn't expect to be parents, and don't know how. Education begins in the home, and many of these parents don't teach their kids jack. they're too quick to cut ass and shoo their kids away instead of spending time wit them.

The students:
These same kids go to school, without any value or appreciation of learning or education(cause they sure as hell didn't learn it from home). In the last thread it was mentioned that the kids reach a certain grade, then their grades drop. I think it's just puberty. They become more focused on sleeping around and smoking weed (influenced by what they grow up with), ultimately becoming the irresponsible careless parents and the cycle begins again.

The teachers:
I've never heard anyone say they want to grow up to become a teacher. I've heard of people deciding to be teachers, cause they couldn't think of anything else to do with their lives. My point is, they're disgruntled, and they fact that the students are as rowdy and disrespectful as they are, only makes it worse. -So they do tend to care less, and cater to only the ones they know pay attention. -the "smart" ones (Whether this is a good thing or not is not my call, I'll leave that for another discussion).

The Haitian problem:
It's been said before, You all come here to complain, but who's doing anything else about it? No ones active. I guess it's just human nature, leave things the way they are because change takes effort.

Outta curiosity though, can someone tell me the name of the graduate(s)?

Now, what would be the purpose of bringing Mr. Cleare back? To instill fear in the students? It won't make them smarter. To stop the teachers from walking off? I'd say it's obvious the teachers are dealing with a lot more than when he was here. Maybe the situation now is even too much for him to deal with. Like I said, there's no quick fix. I mean, these teachers are grown men and women, if they feel like walking off cause they're so stressed, how is on man gonna stop them, be he a principal or not?
Posted by:Apr 22nd 2009, 09:39:32 pm
ash12we need Mr.CLEARE back! during his tenure we had the best results ever. we never had teachers walking off the job.
Posted by:Apr 22nd 2009, 09:06:16 pm
brilandbeautyThis one is tough because the blame lies in three directions...the parents, teachers and the students! What the parents instill in the children from home to school, the teachers have the oppourtunity to strengthen and encourage but it's ultimately up to that student crave and nurture what they learn. It would be easy to just blame one of these three entities but it won't be fair, as this is a tri-factor!!Brilanders are becoming spoiled and laxed in nurturing these children to where we are fast forward to the future and only produced one potential graduate. When will we realize that the only people we will hurt in the future will be ourselves and that it is incumbant upon us to ensure this does not happen. The teacher, most are not even from this really expect them to push 100% , when the child and the parent are (between the two) pushing 25%...IF?
Posted by:Apr 22nd 2009, 06:33:09 pm
ash12again its another year with terrible results with grades with the graduating class! four out,ve nearly twenty (20) students and only two are bahamian and one out,ve the two students is a native of harbour Island! what effect will this have on the island in years to come? residents can go to the extream to make sure they,re chidren can have the finer things in life but without education! when can no be no! it was in my day! but i dont think its all of the parents fault, alot can be blamed on SCHOOL now all of a sudden. teachers must take time out to try and find the love for they,re jobs. the victimization needs to stop! this school as of late and in past years has dropped tremendously! we cant even have ten people in attendence at P.T.A meetings that incudes teachers and parents!..but adell headly is having a computer program going on now,,we have to start with the kids strait out,ve the womb now adays! literally! serious times

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