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road work on briland
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Posted by:Jun 1st 2009, 01:28:21 am
Browneyesif it helps, we can raise enough concerned folks to help with our roads in the physical sense! get a notice up for volunteers, the process is simple, we just need the materials!Where is the speed bump in front of the Catholic Church??for that matter another up by the runway, sign me up for dirt detail!! "will work for smoother roads"
Posted by:May 28th 2009, 06:09:51 pm
ash12a contract was signed yesterday,,funds are inplace now to continue the work. all work must be done before august,,so i,m told. so there is some action being done. NOW
Posted by:May 28th 2009, 05:49:21 pm
ash12i know that funding was the problem for the slow process. MR CHARLSE STUBBS who has the contract to repave certain roads on the island, he said that water and sewerage was infact the holdup! dont make sense repaving roads then have to digg up to install pipes,,has to be done first. dashel roberts did that because he,s a concern citzen! i cant say that some people wanted some other demands but they aren,t the whole island.people talk out,ve concern for they,re island
Posted by:May 28th 2009, 04:46:02 pm
KimberlyHey, did you see that Theo Neilly, chief councillor for Current, Eleuthera, posted on Facebook that North Eleuthera received $3.5m in appropriations for road work? Wonder whether Harbour Island will see any action on that contract ;-(. Roads in North Eleuthera have historically been the worst-maintained of the entire island, even though we're the tourism breadbasket for the area.
Posted by:May 28th 2009, 02:51:16 pm
Richard PChile, last time any roadwerk was done on Chapell Street, was done by Dashel himself. Until the people of Briland DEMAND professional work from tgheir council members, what you expect? TALK, people, and ACTION.
Posted by:May 26th 2009, 07:10:49 pm
ash12could someone please tell me if the road heading to pink and coral sands is done and finish? what i mean is! is that the final coat of tar on that road? we had a few days with rain and look what happened ALREADY!. if it is indeed finished already! its not professionally done in my veiw. but the anything throwed at us! looks like we just have to accept it!

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