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Briland Teachers
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Posted by:Jun 12th 2009, 01:51:22 am
The spanish inquisition"can teachers be spoiled?"
Good question. I was actually gonna make a statement about this in one of the other questions, but I'll do it here.

From what I'VE EXPERIENCED going to HIAA (Not sure if this applies or is relevant now), HIAA is notorious (at least amongst the students) for being a handful to the staff. My last year, we got some new teacher from Eleuthera or Nassau, and she was so enthusiastic to start, and before I graduated, she was jut drained, out of it. Yeas before that, we a young teacher, fresh from COB, all enthusiastic and stuff, but now she too is just out of it. I think one of the words I want to use to "disenchanted". You can call it stressed out, not giving a damn etc....So I guess my point is Briland students do wear you out.

Second, some teachers aren't passionate about their profession, and I don't think this will change anytime soon. When I went to COB, the the (Bahamian) students who were majoring in education (or something like that, they were gonna be teachers) were just in it because they didn't know what to do with their lives, and they liked the benefits (pension, retirement, whatever else comes with the job). Fresh outta high school, it looked like a good job. Some teachers (cause their parents are older, and old fashioned) were forced to go into teaching, simply because their parents wanted them to.

Also...the teachers do pay more attention to "the smart ones". This doesn't mean they don't TRY to teach the whole class, just that some students that didn't pay attention would give a smart ass reply, just to get a laugh from the rest of the class. Like I said in another thread, one student that wasn't paying attention, frustratingly replied "I dumb". A perfect example of this, is when the teachers get inspected/graded by the principal. They'd only ask the "smart" students question, because these students tended to get them right.

So like I said, some teachers lost their drive. I've seen Briland teachers having to put up with being called names, cussed at, one female teacher even had her ass grabbed by one of the "problem students". Some didn't really care in the first place.

Like Beauty said, the foreign teachers come here in search of a better life. Wherever you go, immigrants tend to work harder because they have more at risk/to lose. But yes, these teachers also tend to the "smart" students a bit more. I remember speaking to someone from...Guyana I think. She said a lot of immigrants come there to teach. I asked if there are guyanese teachers, and she we (The Bahamas) steals them because we offer better pay.

"what strenght in character do you (as a person) display when you allow the actions of others to influence you. Peer presure has been prevelent in the lives of everyone I know but it takes a strong mind and an even stronger will to rise above it"
True, but keep in mind we're dealing with high school kids. I remember in grade 8 (in Nassau) we had this trini boy join school. He was smart, but was teased because of it, and decided to try to fit in with "the boys" and as a result, his grades suffered, he started swearing and smoking weed etc. Sure, you and I are old enough and know better than to give into peer pressure, but I'm sure people our age that do know better, have done some silly things in school because of it. Like I said , we're dealing with kids. Even the 12th grade grads, no matter how old they are, are still kids mentally. I know I thought I was done growing since I graduated, but I've both learned and matured so much since then. I remember hearing a 30+ year old female, laughing and having a good time with one of her teachers, saying if she had known the way the world is back then, she would have paid more attention in school. To reiterate, we are dealing with kids. We teach them to know better, but they're still susceptible to what teenagers are susceptible to...drugs, sex (especially in The Bahamas, more so in Briland), clubbing (sneaking out the window to go to the vic-hum are some of my fondest memories), and just fitting in. Unfortunately, fitting in means talking and cracking jokes in the back of the class, and acting a fool.
I think the best thing to hope for is to hope your kid tries to fit in with the smaller crew that actually gets good grades, pays attention in class etc.
Posted by:Jun 11th 2009, 07:44:16 pm
ash12whoever said that the teachers are the blame ONLY? some teachers! not all. some parents! not all. some students! not all. this is the only island where a highschool diploma is,nt needed for employment. Elsewhere its required! dont you think its strange that they dont ask for them or refferences? probably thats a new thread to start. but i think in the near future proper certificates will be needed to get a bag lifting job on the island. the whole bunch spoiled because of one bad apple! does that go three ways also? can teachers be spoiled?
Posted by:Jun 11th 2009, 07:41:56 pm
brilandbeautyThank you SI for seeing and agreeing with my point. I can see yours also but what strenght in character do you (as a person) display when you allow the actions of others to influence you. Peer presure has been prevelent in the lives of everyone I know but ittakes a strong mind and an even stronger will to rise above it. These children need to be taught responsiblity and respect for themselves and with the help and encourag-ment of the parents and teachers...we will see this country go from a D average to A!! This is not a far fetched idea, just idea stifled from it's inception.
Posted by:Jun 11th 2009, 04:32:46 pm
The spanish inquisition"I think this conversation could go on forever."
It does. Every graduation. People complain, blame it on the teachers and don't do anything.

Like I said before, and like BrilandBeauty stated: The taechers alone are not to blame. Education, and the way the students approach it, begins at home.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before...but other students are to blame as well. Ever heard of one bad apple spoils the bunch? BrilandBeauty seems to be doing the right thing by checking her son after school, but some parents don't, and as a result, they don't even realize their child/children slipping away from what thy were taught.

So you have to take into consideration the other students influencing, the child, the fact that the child should know better (or have been taught to), and the adults in the society, which represent what the child is expected to aspire to.

You don't need a high school diploma to lift bags at a hotel and go to the club on the weekend.

Honestly, there's so many many variables, I might have to make a new thread.
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:26:59 pm
brilandbeautyAsh, I agree with most of what you say and especially that "some" teachers are lousy but understand my point...these people come here to work!!!! NOT live forever...they can care less about our children and our that being said; my point was that you and your child should step up to the plate to get he/she where they need to be in life. You should be very proud that you and your wife has raised an outstand child which is becoming a great well educated and well rounded young lady...WHY because you and her took responsibility for HER! I think we could cry fountains of excuses and point endless fingers at the teacher but when life hands you lemons...make lemonade! Congrats on how well you have raised your daughter lets teach the remainder of the parents to do the same ;-)
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 05:05:08 pm
ash12it must go on and on if nothing is being done about it. thats the problem on this island now! the people dont speakout on many issues of importance. someone should take the blame other than the parents! Thats what i think! i am pretty sure i,m not the only person that think so. amelie, i schooled in freeport! what does you being born in haiti has to do with what i,m talking about? you,re not the only one i presume. probably you can teach french at the highschool. My thing is! teach the people to read and write. Are you apart of this community Amelie? i never said ALL! i said SOME teachers! i dont mean to try an control anyone( JUST DO THE RIGHT THING) because our community is at state here..i guess i see things different than others.
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 02:02:33 pm
AmelieAnd I was born in Cap Haitien, so english is my second language.
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 02:01:53 pm
AmelieAsh sound like a lovely person, but his ADULT writing is not such a good indication of his schooling on Briland either. What job on the island are available for people who cannot write and spell correctly grammar? So sad the system, no wonder the locals are losing the community.
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 01:54:57 pm
brilandbeautyI think this conversation could go on forever. It's like a circle never ending when playing the blame game...I still believe that the blame is with all 3 parties involved. The parents, students and teachers; in that order!! I have a son in the 2nd grade and "I" make sure that "he" learns and understand what his "teacher" teaches him. Every single person on this island is your child's teacher but at the end of the day you and your child will go through many teachers and I will bet that all are not as lousy as presumed. Parents ond children on this island need to ralize that you can't control someone's actions...only your own!
Posted by:Jun 7th 2009, 09:21:30 am
ash12well my wife and i are visible and vocal at this school making sure that our kids get they,re education. i know for a fact that we can point our fingers at plenty teachers up there including the principal. we are inside exsperiencing the scandal and the lies ( BY THE FACALTY) i wont blame the parents entirely. alot of parents take time out with they,re kids at home.i interact with some teachers. they speak of alot of stuff that cary on at the school. look and see how many are leaving now all of a sudden. speaking of attitude! if certain students tell certain teachers goodmorning,the teachers refuse to speak to those students! tell me why is that?.back in the day when i was in school! teachers had an took pride with they,re job in a prestigious manner.that isn,t so now adays here! if certain parents cant work with they,re kid and cant find any family member that can, or cant afford tutoring outside of school! thats what the teachers are here for! work with all the students,not just with the selected few! government need to monitor schools to make sure that teachers arent reading vouge,glamour,jet and any other magazine in class while its in session, kids do talk you know
Posted by:Jun 6th 2009, 06:44:51 pm
BBSince there's sooo much complaints about the faculty at the Harbour Island All Age School, we keep our children home,and home school them. So when the succeed or fail we wouldn't have to point our fingers at noooooo stranger. Growing up as a child, my parent occasional checked in with my teachers and the subjects I needed help, I was assisted from home..... My parents never blamed anybody for my failures in my schooling on nobody else but myself. We need to push our children to succeed in life, not to settle for second, to stand within somebody else's shadow. Looking at the graduation classes for the past three years, why is it that the Hatian children are excelling, and shining over our kids, I think we just pamper our kids, not letting them work towards whatever they want.... Success doesn't come easy, I honestly don't think it's the faculty, I think its us parents not taking time out with our own kids, and if our kids see we have an attitude toward the faculty/ or any stranger, guess what it will be passed on and it will make things bad for them because when they carry this attitude else where, "Dog eat their lunch,"
Posted by:Jun 6th 2009, 05:19:50 pm
ash12gave it to them to make himself look good. but all thats doing is( making the island worst than it is) that is why we have so much strangers coming in and taking the better or all the jobs. i know of a person, young person on the island who graduated a year or two ago, who had one of those certificates. when they actually got on the job! the managers had to let them go because they the student from this highschool did,nt know A from B! the managers called that person incompetant! al the principals and some teachers that dont care! al they worry about and focus on! is the ceremony!not the community which they run them into
Posted by:Jun 5th 2009, 05:19:10 pm
The spanish inquisitionWhy did he give them a diploma if they were under 2.0?
Isn't 2.0 low enough to be a standard?

I bet in the future, other students or their parents (if they give an ounce of a damn at all)will demand a diploma.

Whoever the dictator is (the principal?) messed it up, and should not have done that at all. Is he even allowed to that that? I thought the government's standard (2.) determined if someone got a diploma or not. Does the principal have the final say, or ability to make the final decision?
Posted by:Jun 2nd 2009, 07:03:35 am
ash12well i know of three students who have 2.0 and above but to my understanding the dictator up at school gave a afew graduates a diploma who were in the 1.0 area closer to 2.0 but the strangest thing is! they disclosed the results! i guess they the teachers and the head was so ashamed to report the embarrassing ratio! told the kids to pickup they,re certificates on tuesday. some of the teachers and staff are so frustrated! some wish that they can be transferred anywhere but here, because of the way that this school is heading now! i tried to move my son and daughter over to north eleuthera high but there is a block wall in the way of it. built by the two principals. the lame excuse they gave me is! children are not suppose to cross the water to go to school! but i see other students going and coming over here! i dont know whats going on. the truth will come out someday
Posted by:Jun 1st 2009, 11:51:03 pm
Briland_AmbitionAsh it seems to get worst every year no one seem to care to think about that its sad what the ration this year?
Posted by:Jun 1st 2009, 09:15:43 am
ash12some techers and the principal should be ashamed for the poor results from this years graduation. the magazine reading FROM THE TEACHER while the class does absolutley nothing has to stop! now what are the young men and women who walked out,ve school are going to do without proper papers!? this will deteriorate this island more and more each year with that type of results. but i hope the government knows what they are doing by not renewing some teachers contracts.sure hope that the goverment dont bring in to many inexperience young teachers(we need experience here on this island)well they say it starts from the home! well i know that my son and daughter can read, write and understand.
Posted by:Jun 1st 2009, 01:35:54 am
BrowneyesThank you all for another yeaof servitude for our blessed children. May the parents actually learn from your efforts and the children perfect the lessons that will make them a success in the future! Children of briland...take the right from all that you learned and make it your goal to be true to your righteousness, not your weakness! have a great summer!

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