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Island Passages: Sir Gerald Cash
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Posted by:Jan 12th 2003, 11:35:07 pm
KimberlyFrom Sunday's '':

Sir Gerald Christopher Cash is dead at 85 years old. Sir Gerald served as Governor General of The Bahamas from 1976 to 1989. He served in the post longer than any other person and was to most the Governor Generalís Governor General. The Prime Minister in a public statement hailed Sir Gerald for his contributions to the life and development of The Bahamas. Sir Gerald served in the House of Assembly, the Senate and he also served as a member of the Executive Council, the forerunner of the modern Cabinet from 1958 to 1962. He served in the Senate as President. He then went on to become the Governor General, first acting when Sir Milo Butler, the first Bahamas Governor General took ill.

We believe however that Sir Gerald's finest hour was when he was appointed a member of the House Select Committee to look into Racial Discrimination that was moved by the late Sir Etienne Dupuch. Sir Etienne later promoted the adoption of the report of that Select Committee as the straw the broke the camelís back for racial discrimination in The Bahamas. But sir Gerald Cash wrote a minority report. In that report, he said that he did not think that the report of the majority went far enough and called for legislation to end racial discrimination in The Bahamas. This is important because many people criticized Sir Gerald during his lifetime for being a man who sat on the fence and did not have strong opinions. But he had a particular image of himself. That image showed that he was best suited for the role that he was later to play as the Governor General of The Bahamas; a neutral political figure who should not express his political opinions publicly. What counts is that when history called upon him to take a stand, he did. The country should remember that fact.

There is to be a state funeral for Sir Gerald at Christ Church Cathedral in Nassau. He is to be buried with full military honours. So we have buried another great Bahamian, we say God rest him, and may he rest in peace. A great man is gone.
Posted by:Jan 8th 2003, 11:22:13 am
Fig Tree News TeamToday's Bahama Journal:
Sir Gerald Hailed As Great Bahamian

While news of Former Governor General Sir Gerald Cash's death struck a sombre chord among his former colleagues, it also prompted many of them to pay the highest tributes to the man labelled as a valiant patriot.

Saddened by the loss of a lifelong friend, former Governor General Sir Orville Turnquest said simply he owed much of his success to Sir Gerald.

Sir, Orville, in comments laced with admiration and respect for the man who served in key areas of public life and carved a reputation as a statesman of the highest order, said he knew Sir Gerald practically all his life.

"I have followed closely in his footsteps both professionally and in public life and through the years I have benefited from and enjoyed the warmth and splendour of his friendship his advice and his example," he said.

"He was a Bahamian of demanding tastes, outstanding social graces and manners moral uprightness and a heart forever willing to bend and assist the meek and lowly the proud and the profane," the former Governor General added.

He showered even more accolades upon the longest serving Governor General of the Bahamas .

"He [Sir Gerald] took his elegant tastes, his smooth grace and his exemplary manners to Government House and during his tenure there and head of state in the Bahamas both proud at home and abroad," he said.

Former Governor General Sir Clifford Darling also reflected on the life of a great Bahamian who made tremendous contributions to the development of The Bahamas.

He said news of Sir Gerald's death came as a shock to him. But on his sickbed in hospital, the two were able to chat.


"He was a very good Bahamian and he made his contribution to his country," Sir Clifford said.

The statesman managed to overcome the racial barriers that subjugated many Bahamians, being successfully elected in 1949 as the representative for the Western District of New Providence. He continued to serve as a Member of Parliament for 14 years.

Sir Gerald served in both Houses of Parliament before he was appointed Governor General on September 29, 1979 .

His admirable personal characteristics also earned the respect of former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Clement Maynard, who termed Sir Gerald's death as a tragic loss for the nation.

Honoured by the Queen, Sir Gerald was made the Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.

Sir Gerald was also an avid sportsman, who was involved in many civic activities.

He died in hospital on Monday afternoon at the age of 85.

[The Bahama Journal, 7 January 2003]

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