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complain about nuthin
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Posted by:Sep 21st 2009, 09:47:47 pm
Richard Pya sleeps in the bed ya make. (Sometimes quite too literally around here tho.)
Posted by:Sep 21st 2009, 04:07:59 pm
The spanish inquisitionYes, I mentioned the foreign owned hotels, BUT MY POINT IS THEY'RE STILL NOT MAKING SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES.

They're settling for less. These same people complaining wouldn't be, if they aspired for more, and WORKED TOWARDS improving their lives. If they saw an opportunity to open a business to provide brilanders with what they want. Even graduating and saying "I don't want to work for $6 an hour" would drive them not to. Instead, they get a hotel job (foreign owned or not), which provides them with enough money to go clubbin', and get pregnant. Look at how many other brilanders have their own businesses, trying to better themselves. There's no reason the hotel workers should not be business owners themselves, but somewhere down the line, they messed up.

It could be a poor education.
Maybe they had a child and needed a quick way to support it. From what I've witnessed from my own friends, they get complacent.

They just don't care.

The hotels give them enough when their fresh out of highschool to buy a car with rims to go grind that girl, then the process repeats again next weekend.

Bottom line is, no matter who they're working for (foreign or not) THEY LACK DRIVE. They make enough money to fool around, and their happy. When they aren't making enough money, they complain AND THAT'S ALL THEY DO. Same thing with the bad report cards and when only 2 students graduate. Parents bitch and moan, BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING. Instead of tying to better themselves so they wouldn't have to settle for slave wages, or try to teach their children the importance of an education, they sit around AND DON'T DO ANYTHING.

I applaud those who are in business for themselves. regardless of if they got a higher education or not, my point is they have ambition and determination. It wasn't easy for them to get where they are, but you won't hear them complain and workin for $6 an hour, relying on tips and all that.

I think I might have to side with hardworkin on this one. If you don't like your job, and you're only complaining and not doing anything about it, THEN SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO WORK.
Posted by:Sep 21st 2009, 12:45:14 am
Richard P Seahslells, Barettas, The Landing, Eagle Inn, Red Apple, Tingum Village and OCean View are not foreign owned, so are they paying any better? If they are not, then stop throwing foreign up as some sort of excuse. Wages IS wages!@ Workers have rights.
Posted by:Sep 20th 2009, 08:32:21 pm
ash12i guess the workers are suppose to just stay on the job, get treated unfairly,,oh! but you did say that the workers get what! a free meal! 6 bucks an hour?
Posted by:Sep 20th 2009, 07:54:45 pm
The spanish inquisition"If was no resort, we be nuthin."

There's a problem right there. I know it's been said a billion times, but we're too dependent on tourism. That's why the economy is so f'ed up now. Workers at the mercy of these foreign run hotels for a measly %6 per hour, instead if making something of themselves and trying to do better.

Let me stop now because it's all been said before, and nothing has changed. By the looks of it, nothings gonna change.
Posted by:Sep 20th 2009, 02:27:06 pm
Richard PWork one hour to buy one gallon of milk? Things is expensive on Briland, how you could balance that? How many hours you work?
Posted by:Sep 19th 2009, 06:03:13 pm
hardworkinsick of workers complainin about nuthin. If was no resort, we be nuthin. 6 n hour, freeeee meal, work in nice place is good stop complain about nuthin.

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