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Anybody have that U.S. Visa credit card?
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Posted by:Feb 9th 2010, 05:29:08 pm
LutraGirlHey everybody, I got my U.S. address and U.S. debit card. It works out to about $12 a month and shopping on the US websites works. I used paypal to load money onto my debit card and then I ordered shoes from and clothes from Charge went right through and I got my stuff on the boat. Please use my referral code of 404 if you join. We'll both get $5.00. :) A reminder, the website is and www.ShipItNow.US (that's dot US, not dot com). Please use my 404 code!
Posted by:Nov 25th 2009, 12:52:30 am
LutraGirlOk, went to Oceanus Visa debit card company in Fort Lauderdale today. I met Celeste, Ed and two other guys who work there. I asked a lot of questions so I took notes. The debit card part of the business is Oceanus and the shipping and forwarding part is called Ship It Now. They do a lot of delivery for the yachts in the islands and in Europe and Ed has been in business for 30 years. They do special shopping too and will go to the store and get what you need and send it to you if you need something really fast or if you are a shop and need them to buy and send your items weekly or monthly they will do that too. They even have some big coolers there and say they forward a lot of gourmet and organic things and flowers. They do this for hotels, restaurants and the yachts. Theyíll even do trailer loads of lumber if you are building a house.

The Oceanus shopping club was started this year and they were working on a big delivery to members when I was there. They were mostly sorting mail and boxes. I could see some of the boxes were from Target, Zappos, Walmart, Best Buy, Sony and Costco and they said most of this shipment was going to G&G and the rest of it was going to some shipping company I never heard of that they said is in the Miami River. I think they said that is a boat that goes to Haiti.

Celeste explained that all of these boxes and magazines were for people in the islands who used their U.S. Visa card and bought all of this stuff on the internet without having to travel to the U.S. (this is what I want it for). She said that based on some volume that she thinks some members are buying things to sell in their shops. She said that a lot of stuff is cheaper for shop owners to buy at and than if you bought it through a wholesaler because she said nobody gets a better volume discount than Walmart and KMart. She said owners of smaller shops like to use the U.S. Visa card and do it this way because they save money plus they donít have to worry about having a credit rating and getting approval to have a business account with the wholesalers. She said a lot of stuff went out recently that was school uniforms and school supplies because some uniforms for children are only about $18 at Kmart.

Someone was getting a beautiful bed sheet and comforter set from Kmart. Someone else was getting a delivery of about 20 Oprah magazines. I went on the internet tonight and saw that the magazine is only about $1.00 on a subscription so I guess this was some shop owner who is selling them for $10 each!

She said she is also working with big companies to get special discounts for Oceanus members. She said it could be a special code that you type in on a website when you are buying something and it might be for some discount or maybe for free shipping. She said the next special is going to be for service like vonage. She said it is not called vonage but is the same thing and that it will be for members only and that the monthly bill will be about $19 instead of about $33 at vonage and that you can keep your phone number if you switch over.

She said another use for the card is a safe way to send money. She said that they get a lot of orders that are for more than one person in a family because one person lives in Bahamas and has a relative on another island or in Haiti or Cuba or U.S. and this way the person in Bahamas loads money on his card and then goes online and does ďcard to cardĒ transfer and then money is on other persons card in about a minute. She said this is a lot safer than someoneís Granny having to go to the Western Union office and walk out with cash.

Itís a regular Visa card so you can also use it to pay for flights or to buy things in stores or at restaurants. You can also use it at the ATM. She said this is a lot safer than giving a credit card number over the internet with a card that is connected to your bank account. She said they donít even need your bank account information so you know that you are not risking your personal financial information. She said all they need to get you started is a copy of your ID. You can fax it or you can scan and email it. This gets you your own U.S. mailing address right away and you get your card in about 10 or 12 days. They will accept and forward all the shipments you get at your U.S. address to wherever you live. She said they mostly use ocean freight for Bahamas but you can make special arrangements if you need to also. I asked her about Twin Air and she said that would be no problem. They are actually just a few minutes from Twin Air and Port Everglades.

I asked what if someone else gets my card or it gets lost in the mail and she said that it cannot be used until I receive it and go online and validate it. She said that you can put a beginning balance onto your card when you get your membership but it still canít be spent until you validate your card online. After that they do not handle putting money on the card because you do it directly with the Visa Card International agent. She said you will receive instructions in the envelope on how to do this and that they accept Moneygram, bank wire and Paypal and that the most you can have on your card at a time is $10,000.

She said if you get mail like catalogs or magazines you can get your mail forwarded as often as you want but that most people only do it once a month. I told her that sometimes things take too long from the post office or get lost and she said that is why they package the mail for each member and send it by boat because then the member knows that their mail will be on the boat once a month and not take forever or get lost in regular mail. She said this also helps the member save money because forwarding a large envelope of mail by boat is only $5 instead of what they charge at the post office for international postage after they weigh it.

She also said that they pay commissions on every new member. She said every person who joins under my referral code that I will get a $5.00 credit and you will also get a $5.00 credit at Ship It Now. We ordered my card today and one for my cousin who is probably going away to school in Chicago. I asked about Cuba and she said that they can accept members IDs from Cuba that that is not a problem, but that anything they order and have delivered to their US address must be forwarded to a friend or relative who is in Bahamas or some other place besides Cuba because they cannot send anything to Cuba.

She also said they do special shopping for shop owners or homeowners or yacht owners. She said if you need special services like this to go to the business page on the Ship It Now website and write what you need and they will work with you to do what you need to get done. Here are their websites.

I am here until Saturday so if you have any questions you want me to ask them just let me know here and I will get answers for you. My referral code is 404. Please use this if you join!! I will appreciate the $5 and you'll get it too.
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2009, 09:44:56 am
KimberlyThis is the email I received:

You can have your own U.S.-issued debit card now, almost no matter where you live, and no bank account is required:

* Get open access to shopping online with U.S. merchants.
* Use your card to shop locally.
* Use your card to book travel.
* Travel safely with your card, instead of risking your cash.
* Use your card to safely (and instantly) transfer cash to family, friends or business associates on other islands or in other countries, without either of you having to travel to a bank or cash office.

With your U.S. debit card, youíll have access to every U.S. online merchant, and the ability to instantly transfer cash, right from your own computer.

Do you need to start online Christmas shopping now? Do you need your items to get to the boat as quickly as possible? The team at in Fort Lauderdale will receive your parcels and forward them on to you the very same week. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!

All I need to get you started with your own U.S. debit card is your location. There is a page on our website for you to provide this info and I will reply quickly (usually within a couple of hours) with full debit card details.

Go now to to submit your location. If you have any issues accessing our site through this link, you can type the web address directly into your browser, or you can contact me directly by replying to this email.

I look forward to hearing from you and I expect you will enjoy the freedom our debit card gives you, I know I do!

Celeste Roberts
Membership Coordinator

Oceanus | 2510 S.W. 3rd Avenue, Suite 101 | Fort Lauderdale | FL | 33315 | US

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Posted by:Nov 22nd 2009, 12:50:34 am
The spanish inquisitionIt would be good if you can provide a link to the website for this card, or if you can tell us the name of it or any details so that we can determine if it's a scam or not.
Posted by:Nov 21st 2009, 12:02:01 pm
yazoomoonI am very interested to know what you find out.My e-mail address is
Posted by:Nov 21st 2009, 11:36:17 am
LutraGirlYes. I thought of that. I am going to their office in Fort Lauderdale in person next week and I'll post what I find.
Posted by:Nov 21st 2009, 09:57:26 am
yazoomoonBe careful LutraGirl...Your personal info is worth a pot of gold.
Posted by:Nov 20th 2009, 09:56:54 pm
LutraGirlIt's really a debit card. I got the email about the U.S. Visa debit card that lets me shop online without getting kicked out cuz my Visa from the Bahamas. I talked to them on the phone and going over next week anyway and will talk to them again. Anyone got this card? Does it really work on all those internet websites that wont talk to my Bahamian debit card? Seems like it should work, but I'd like to hear from someone who has used it before I sign up.

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