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Flights- Nassau to Eleuthera
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Posted by:Jan 18th 2003, 07:51:11 pm
KimberlyGulfstream = Continental, if that helps. I'll take Twin Air anyday, though ...
Posted by:Jan 18th 2003, 10:28:39 am
game fishAmerican Airlines stopped flying to eleuthera not long after the Club Med closed. There are still plenty of ways to get to Eleuthera (US airways, Gulfstream, Bahamas air, Twin Air and Fast Ferries).
Posted by:Jan 17th 2003, 12:34:31 pm
BluestarsIt's not as easy to get to Eleuthera as it used to be. Except for Bahamas Air, I don't think a major carrier presently services Rock Sound Airport. Except for Bahamas Air and U. S. Air, I don't think a major carrier services Governor's Harbour Airport. American serviced G. H. until a couple years ago. We should start a lobbying effort to get American (or United) to service all three airports on Eleuthera. Myself, if it was just a little easier, I'd make more trips to Eleuthera more often. This is surely the case for other people as well. Easier access means a few more people and some of us making more trips, which would be good for the local economy. I'll start the lobbying effort by sending American an email suggesting they resume service. If anyone else is so inclined, please follow up with similar efforts.
Posted by:Jan 15th 2003, 01:04:19 pm
RainboIf you're coming in from Nassau, I'd suggest using Southern Air (about $55 one way and has at least one flight daily) or Bahamas Air also has service to N. Eleuthera. From Lauderdale, Twin Air is great. Its about $275 round trip and has daily service except on Wed. Continental (Gulfsteam) also serves Fort Lauderdale to N. Eleuthera daily for about $325.
Posted by:Jan 15th 2003, 12:35:44 pm
MadcasterCan anyone tell me the best airline to use to get to Eleuthera and/or a rough price?

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