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No Junkanoo On Briland on Boxing Day!
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Posted by:Dec 31st 2009, 08:31:38 pm
ash12yes, according to the leader of the group. it will be
Posted by:Dec 31st 2009, 01:00:02 pm
JellyfishWill there be junkanoo on New Year's Day?
Posted by:Dec 29th 2009, 07:46:05 am
ash12i guess the junkanoo leaders would have to put something in writing to request. i did go out lastnight but i heard the music was great
Posted by:Dec 28th 2009, 11:39:32 pm
KimberlyWhy not suggest it to Nassau, then?

How was the rushing tonight?
Posted by:Dec 28th 2009, 11:18:53 pm
ash12that decision has to come from nassau.
Posted by:Dec 28th 2009, 11:55:34 am
KimberlyHow about one of the downstairs rooms at the Commissioners House in the meantime, now that no one lives there while it waits for (fundraising) and restoration as a museum? That might be a short-term option.
Posted by:Dec 28th 2009, 04:15:57 am
ash12there is,nt any space to conctruct large costumes in any of the buildings at the school.probably hats and skirts and small shoulder peaces.the multi purpose center that the save harbour committee was proposing would have come in handy now
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 10:15:24 pm
Richard Phow About The School?>??
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 09:49:54 pm
ash12the problem still exists, building the big costumes would be difficult.the guys need a suitable building to construct,,if someone can let the guys build on they,re property. but i am sure someone would object
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 02:32:53 pm
KimberlyHow about starting a campaign in January for crepe paper and wire and glue and other supplies, and develop an "internship" program with All-Age School and the crafts class so that students work an hour a week on a headdress or shield?

I am pretty certain that once people see that the committee is serious about protecting the Junkanoo tradition (and aren't waiting until the last minute), the community support will come back.

Working with JJ is a great idea, too.
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 08:51:24 am
ash12chippy and the guys tried to construct a building through the alley next to Mr alfred albury but the other residents close by and far away was totally against it because what happened a few years back on the hill top next to Ms luanne ,s house. a fire broke out..but that was,nt chippy and his guy,s fault. they were different guys up there(they were iresponsible up there then)chippy and the guys dont have steady jobs but they still work hard to even try and still put on a show. i think JJ PERCENTIE got them hired to perform. that would be some extra funds to go towards the group
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 08:40:41 am
ash12the junkanoo groups are completly on they,re own. the committee people nassau,freeport or here is responsilbe for raising funds. they took on the responsibility for the love of they,re culture. but the problem is in the various communities.the hardest thing in junkanoo is raising funds to function a group. the tarpum bay community is totally different from ours in briland. the people there work as a single unit. here we,re fragmented terribly. governments try and do they,re best to assist with seed money.firsty they give it out to late in the year. you can never put a price tagg on junkanoo but the one thing i know its an expensive ordeal to take on. thats why past groups leaders had to call it quits.
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 08:18:13 am
KimberlySorry to have ranted, but we had several friends in from Freeport, Washington DC and elsewhere who specifically scheduled their side trip into Briland for the Boxing Day holiday weekend so that they could catch the local Junkanoo ... and they're leaving on Sunday to go back home ;-(, so will miss the Monday festivities.
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 08:15:59 am
KimberlyThanks for the update, Ash12. It would be a shame for the Junkanoo tradition to disappear, especially given the revived interest on Eleuthera. What do you think would jumpstart community support? Do the various Out Island Junkanoo groups work with the Ministry of Culture as the Nassau and Freeport bands do, or are they completely on their own?
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 07:48:57 am
ash12correction- MAJESTICAL MISTICS. thats they,re name. the majestic crusaders is a group in freeport who some of us assisted a few years back when we did,nt have any junkanoo at all on briland
Posted by:Dec 27th 2009, 07:45:16 am
ash12originally the government changed the date due to the was reporeted that we were to expect heavy rain on boxing day so the junkano leaders and the nassau committee in nassau decided to have the parade on monday. but there was a change in the weather again so they changed the date AGAIN IN NASSAU to the original date. some of our local guys go to nassau to perform with the bigger groups, in return our guys get assistance all the way from nassau, because the community itself on briland just is,nt into junkanoo anymore in my veiw. the junkanoo committee here in briland really had a hard time to even function because of funding, so! they desolved themselves. the committee raised money and helped the group lastyear. so there is no committee this year so. but chippy and the Majestic Crusaders are still coming out anyway to put on a show for the community.
Posted by:Dec 26th 2009, 12:47:30 pm

So, whose bright idea was it to suspend rushing on the day after Christmas, a tradition that has been maintained for hundreds of the years? Local government council? The Junkanoo committee? The temptation to instead compete in Rock Sound, Eleuthera on the same day for a $10,000 prize?

The community of Harbour Island has long promoted Junkanoo as a unique Bahamian tradition, whether teaching our children the history of Junkanoo in an effort to promote and protect its historical significance, promoting the event and DATE to visitors considering touring our fine island that day, or financially supporting the local groups as they create their outfits each year.

Arbitratrily changing the traditional date of the year's first Junkanoo rushout from the day after Christmas without any advance warning whatsoever is not acceptable.


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