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Monster chef at Valenties!!!!
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Posted by:Jan 27th 2010, 03:23:44 pm
getrealI've enjoyed dinner at Valentine's a few times. Some of the wait staff are great while most of them need to choose another profession..... I can't think of what profession would cater to such personalities. If they were shouted at it's likely that other forms of communication were not accepted. That's the type of management needed, otherwise you may as well not be in business.
Posted by:Jan 6th 2010, 11:18:59 pm
BBmaybe the staff needs to step up their game....... honestly we (the Bahamas) needs to up OUR TOURIST PRODUCT at least one notch, service is key.
Posted by:Jan 6th 2010, 02:56:15 pm
jenkinsBefore i start the negatives, the chef there is really good! He can COOK!!, but can he socialize?...

NOOOOOO!!! Management of valentines need to do something about his attitude, or is it a problem only God can fix? I had drinks there the other night and heard him shouting at his staff, is he human?

He has caused staff to walk off the job, leaving the dinning room full of guests. Subsituting waitresseses then had to go around and auction food off to the puzzled customers. (not professional) but its his fault.

I dont even know his name, dont wish to know it, but the labour board, or management needs to do something about this guy, he thinks his kitchen is hell's kitchen which airs on television.

To the chef, i dont mean to post you on the world wide web to cripple you, but to have you at least try and change your ways. You hired humans not animals, so speak to them that way. Your food is AWESOME...but your attitude SUCKS...

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