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local government councilors
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Posted by:Feb 24th 2010, 10:11:03 pm
KimberlyAhem How about running yourself??? You'd be an excellent addition, and you know it.
Posted by:Feb 24th 2010, 09:49:05 pm
ash12QUOTE( i do swear that i will faithfully execute the office of COUNCILOR without fear of favour,affection or ill-will according to the best of my judgement and ability,,SO HELP ME GOD. now i certainly can pin point with my fingers of the councilors who dont remember what they have sworn to! i will be a constant reminder to anyone who,s not doing they,re job within the council! we cant allow our island continue to go in the down spiral position by certain councilors!
Posted by:Feb 18th 2010, 09:13:53 pm
ash12well it can be more input to invite more people to sit in on these meetings.the camera thing is a good idea. we,ll have to see if nassau would permit it. also there needs to be some testing of some sort for councilors for drug and alcohol abuse. the residents are talking! it has to be more people with better potential to govern us locally.the foolishness that carry on now tends to detour sensable people from running! besides the chief councilor and probably 2 to 3 others are jokers! it clearly shows that some of them cant even comprehend to a voting process. its embarresment to this island! days of Mr. GRANT,HARVEY ROBERTS,GLENROY ARANHA,and M.s KNOWLES are gone! luckly we do have a few remaining who understands what to run an island locally is about still
Posted by:Feb 18th 2010, 12:09:11 pm
KimberlyHi, Ash:

Have Jay Roberts install video cameras, and let's stream the council meetings and the town hall forums online ... expat Brilanders around the world would be able to participate, and some good can come out of it. And councillors would have to keep their word. (And those sleeping councillors will have to find another job, come election time.)

Just a thought --
Posted by:Feb 18th 2010, 07:11:50 am
ash12i was at some of the meetings recently held by the local government. its so amazing to see who has this Island at heart!you,ll have a few of them talking in meetings! but when they are on the outside, its a completly different situation! do you think some of them may have split personalities!? the cheif councilor is all by himself with one or two devoted members who has love for the Island which they reside on, on the other hand! some councilors carryout personal vendetta,s on people who may have supported them! its so amazing to see our lively hood is placed in individuals hands who have no love at all for this sweet rock called Briland. the LIES on top of LIES that some councilors tell outside of meetings! they know who they are! there is hardly enough for a quarum when it comes to certain residents plans need passing. Everything is so personal now all of a sudden by some members. the Administrator cosistantly tell councilors that they have a job to do to carryout the job of the people of the island and the government! you,ll see members sleeping in meetings while in progress! some councilors dont show up at all! under the local government act! if you miss any more than three meetings consecutively you should be automatically kicked off the council! I think as a concerned citizen and resident! it is my obligation to make sure the the Local Government Act is carried out! a petition needs to drafted up a sent to the Minister repsonsible for local Government. persons interrested can join in. cant let persons continue to keep this island back with personal vendettas!

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