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molesters in school (teachers)
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Posted by:May 15th 2010, 09:54:55 am
The spanish inquisitionAsh, can this maybe be taken to a higher level?

Is it possible to speak to people in nassau?
With the case of what happened on eleuthera, many in nassau are still outraged over what happenend, and you may get faster action.

If not, tell it to the news media.
If you're lucky, the punch might put it on the first page.
Posted by:May 14th 2010, 11:39:29 pm
KimberlyYep. That's the hard part .. I feel ya.
Posted by:May 14th 2010, 08:04:02 pm
ash12just a thought has been put into action already kim. did all of that already. like i said!nothing is being done. i want to be clear. i did,nt mention of any teacher who,s from briland. i spoke to the Principal. she had a quick case of alzhiemers.
Posted by:May 14th 2010, 12:25:36 pm
KimberlyAsh: As Spanish has suggested, we've dealt with similar issues with improper teachers and administrators in the past: are you absolutely certain that a formal complaint is being filed against this teacher?

Discussing it here is one thing, but another thing altogether to take the matter to the police, parents, local churches and Ministry of Education.

Just a thought.
Posted by:May 13th 2010, 11:10:56 pm
Wasn't there a briland teacher that did the same type thing? The one who died not to shortly? there probably was or probably it may have been someone from briland. on the other hand i,m speaking of another who,s not from briland. i spoke to the MP. i emailed the Minister reponsible for Education. Like i said! no response from the Minister! so i guess drastic measures would have to take place to get they,re attention in nassau
Posted by:May 13th 2010, 09:45:35 pm
The spanish inquisition"after all these many weeks, months gone by and still no justice! now its time to turn up the heat! the biggest coverup ever!"

Wasn't there a briland teacher that did the same type thing? The one who died not to shortly?
Posted by:May 13th 2010, 07:19:52 pm
ash12after all these many weeks, months gone by and still no justice! now its time to turn up the heat! the biggest coverup ever! from the principal down within the Facaulty are all conspirators! all efforts was put forward to protect this pervert in our school
Posted by:Mar 5th 2010, 09:11:07 am
ash12i did some research. apparently this individual has had a history of doing this. i spoke to former classmates they varified this also! how could governments not do anything about this! i guess from being principal and now demoted to a teacher is punishment?
Posted by:Feb 24th 2010, 11:22:16 am
KimberlyGood for you, Ash! Congratulations on your vigilance.
Posted by:Feb 24th 2010, 08:29:31 am
ash12atleast he wont have another chance to do it to anyone elses child or children here again! i,m planning on having the junkanoo band at the dock for these two teachers departure!
Posted by:Feb 24th 2010, 08:23:31 am
ash12we are at an all time high now with cases of child molestation and atempts! we have a certain teacher at our school in briland that has been caughtup before elswhere prior to his arrival. it causes one to wonder if government really screens these individuals at all! there was five cases in governors harbour a few weeks ago! there was talk of it at the school in bogue! what the hell is going on?! are the parents even talking to they,re kids? there was an incident where a big grown teacher tried to give my daughter his cell number! the strangest and the most alarming thing is he dont teach her class any subject at all and it was at lunch time when he gave her this cell number! QUOTE(this number is for you and only you)END QUOTE.i went up at the school to speak to the principal. i got no satisfaction at all.she had a case of lost memory at that particular time! i then went to the (DEO)district education officer. he was more worried about more cases going public than this particular situation! the president of the teachers association was bought in, and her words was after she had stopped crying! because she mentioned that he was a good friend of hers from the grand bahama days! this pervert teacher was a senior master at hawskbill high school where i attended! so he knows me! he was man enough to admitt that.I know of two other cases where this individual was involved in and he is still teaching! he was at the highest level in school at Hawskbill deputy senior master, senior master,vice principal,at one time a short stint at principal! now whats so amazing he,s here coming from cat island and he,s just a normal teacher! I would certainly call that a demotion! my aunt who lives in freeort but she,s from cat island says she knows him and he,s been caught up before because of his pervert actions! theres a young lady here on briland who i graduated with at hawksbill high. there was an incident where her father came up at the school and punched this same pervert who,s here now! i could remember as if it was just yesterday! my alumni over heard me discussing it with someone and she said that, (i though you knew he was like that from hawskbill days!) i saw when her dad punched this teacher but i did,nt know for what reason. but now i do! From the principal down in faculty has to go! because of the cover up of this incident and many more! atleast the DEO assured us that this pervert teacher and his sweetheart teacher wont be returning in september. parents need to more concerned. talk to your kids more to see whats happening.we sit down with our children and TALK! not ARGUE! my wife and i are constantly criticized and ridiculed because we want our children to get a proper and desent eduacation.

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