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Posted by:Mar 16th 2010, 02:17:38 pm
ash12and to add to that! there has,nt been any other incident since that what happened at (NIGHT)not in broad daylight! so the local crime watch committee is working and doing its best to prevent anything like that from ever happening again. swift action from the public is how the two people got apprehended by the police
Posted by:Mar 16th 2010, 01:21:27 pm
HIflyerPower was pretty bad but has now been on for 51 hours. I live here and have not yet lost an appliance (knock on wood). The water has not been potable for about 3 years and remains so. Other than the machete incident I've not heard of any violence. I am of the belief that there's more to the machete story than admitted -but it did happen. The new Police inspector is a no nonsense guy and has already started cracking down on the problem areas. He put together a committee of locals for help and guidance.
Posted by:Mar 16th 2010, 10:04:41 am
UglyAmericanWell let's see,...electricity is on and off countless times every day destroying even minor household appliances, city water is brown sludge that destroys all plumbing in peoples homes, and violence is now off the charts with tourists being assaulted with machetes, beaten and robbed in broad daylight.

Other than that everything's great here, enjoy your 30 dollar hotdogs!
Posted by:Mar 14th 2010, 11:00:13 am
MaddieMy family and I are coming down for a couple of weeks over Easter and I was wondering what the state of the water shortages, electricity outages and house robberies is...

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