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chef at a certain hotel!
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Posted by:May 5th 2010, 10:09:31 pm
Half A LaughIf it's like that, then maybe they should pushed the issue.
Posted by:May 4th 2010, 09:30:02 pm
ash12well it all depends if infact workers at the hotel wants to push the issue. there are penalties even exportation. after all the facts has been heard. minister of labour and the minister on imigration will look into it. if it is pushed
Posted by:May 4th 2010, 08:21:58 pm
Half A LaughWhere there is smoke there is fire, it's true what you've post ash. But I have one concern, what goes the government do about rumors such like this?
Posted by:May 1st 2010, 02:54:45 pm
Confidence(lol)Hey I think your doing the right thing ok I don't think we should be second class on our own piece of life we got ok this a small thing to other people but not us you got no replies on this matter but guess what we as harbour island people don't pull together and stand up for each other that's why we as briland people lettin the strangers come do they thing but anyway keep ya head up and don't stress what for you for you god is answer prayers not man thank you!!!
Posted by:Apr 13th 2010, 10:12:05 pm
ash12 there are nasty rumors out there suggesting that a particular chef at a particular hotel is a racist! it has come to my understanding that the chef turned away four BLACK guest for dinner! but imediatley afterwards a group of 8 to 9 tourist (WHITE) walked through the doors and this certain chef jumped for joy! Briland ...dont need any type actions at all by any individuals. you mean natives aint good enough to eat dinner at this certain hotel?!

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