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two rogue councilors!
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Posted by:May 9th 2010, 12:28:25 am
ash12amen big slick!
Posted by:May 8th 2010, 02:41:13 pm
Big SlickLocal Government is one of the biggest mistakes the Government ever did. All it has done is allow unquilified individuals to get a big head and try and show they have some authority. And when you finally have a few people that actually care and try to do thier job it gets undermined by the other currupt unqualified cronies. I bet if the said home owner put a wade of cash in the indiviuals hands nothing would have been said about his flower bed. And that is the most sad part about it. Its all about money and power. People really need to be educated about the people they voting for rather than just voting because you are a friend or favor the people.
Posted by:May 4th 2010, 09:32:21 pm
ash12sometimes our choices are limited. so we would have to choose from which we have running for the posts
Posted by:May 4th 2010, 08:27:16 pm
Half A LaughThat's why we must be careful of who we chose to represent us as leaders.
Posted by:Apr 18th 2010, 06:07:33 pm
ash12world health day was a blast! i would like to thank the Ministry of tourism, Mr.Gregory Higgs. Mr. Ricky Mackey. and most of all the one or two maybe three council members who showed that thay indeed care about our island. the whole island is wondering whats going on with the council. one council member in particular told many residents to NOT MOVE OLD RUSTY VEHICLES and debree! it is like that councilor doesn,t want harbour island to be a clean and prestine place. is it that he may have that FRED SANFORD type mentality? he loves junk so much,he want other residents to be the same as he is!? i also would like to thank the teachers and student from the dunmore school
Posted by:Apr 15th 2010, 08:18:11 am
ash12i honestley think that this man who owns the house just north of chacara simply has to go to the police and report the matter. i dont know him personally but i,ll make it my business to go and talk to this man. As i understand the owner of this resisdents give the councilor the painting job! so he the councilor is furious at the owner. thw owner is scared to even exit his home! so i,m told. these two rouge councilors disrupted a very important meeting just last evening. it was pemeditated. if these two individuals dont respect themselves! atleast they should repect the administrator and the chief councilor and the few residents who were present at that very same meeting.CLEARLY the residents are say they made a grave mistake when they put they,re x beside they,re names at the last local government elections. I,am going all out on a campaign against these two rouge councilors! i,m honestly looking forward to them to put in they,re resignations ASAP! i mean i continue to witness the full incompitance by these two people. it is them who keep the island back by not cooperating with the other members when it comes to voting.either they never show up to meetings deliberatley! one is always working i the USA Illeagaly! and you will find it out that alot of people will listen to the former chief councilor(dashiel Roberts) always exit meetings completely lieing on the now chief councilor (Darrel Johnson. Something must be done ASAP!
Posted by:Apr 15th 2010, 12:49:01 am
KimberlyHey, Ashley -- what's the next move here?
Posted by:Apr 14th 2010, 09:20:29 pm
ash12i mean to literally spit in someones face while talking to them! invading ones space as if he wants to kiss the owner of that house! troy higgs and daschiel Roberts really refuse to read and learn the local goverment act
Posted by:Apr 14th 2010, 07:28:17 am
ash12 two rogue members of the harbour local council really stepped over the line yesterday. it is alledged that one of these two rogue council members approached a winter resident at the dunmore deli in a paculiar type manner as if he was in a trance. this councilor was also backed by another member who,s reputation has be...en tarnished so badly over the short years since he has been on the council. like it was premeditated. it goes to show that these same councilors dont know that they have limitations by law as it relates to stopping people from putting structures on they,re property. if anyone has time just go down at the building just north next to chacara to see what these two rogue councilors tried to to stop! its in front on the property just off the road. a decorative concrete box to put shrubs or small plants in (off the road on they,re property!)

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