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Hurting who you say you're trying to help
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Posted by:Nov 25th 2010, 08:20:47 am
KifLang, have some books to donate. Need info re shipping. Please check your email.
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2010, 12:23:59 pm
KimberlyHi, Lang:

If there is any way that I can help remedy the damage done, please let me know ...

So sorry to hear, as our group is just putting the finishing touches on next week's first-ever film festival, and encountering such enthusiastic support from the local community :-(.

Talk soon
Posted by:Nov 20th 2010, 10:47:49 am
Miss LangIts been 11 years of EEO's programs in the public schools of Eleuthera and Harbour Island. We have worked with hundreds of children and the amazing thing is the LOW budget we do it all with . People with generous hearts provide reduced or pro-bono therapy and training services and our teachers and volunteers are paid only a minimal stipend to cover their expenses.
However when a kind , generous person came to the island and wanted to investigate holding a fundraiser (which I suggested she split between all educational causes on the island ) ....she was confronted with such negativity ( and lies ) from whom she was told was an island "leader " to collaborate with....
This man's words could have hurt the children EEO helps, the Day Nursery helps....Dunmore School...
What a shame that a person would jeapordize help to his own people.

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