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Any One Have An Update? N.Eleuthera Dump Burning
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Posted by:Nov 30th 2010, 11:16:57 am
KimberlyI can tell you that we had a great hard rain last night, and the blowing winds have offered up a gorgeous cloud-free sky this morning ... hope that helps!
Posted by:Nov 27th 2010, 06:17:10 pm
Tuck Shop

North Eleuthera Dump Burning
North Eleuthera residents are today trying to figure out if arson or an act of Mother Nature lit the island’s dump causing thick black smoke to billow in the area and forcing tourists off the island.

Residents there said the island’s landfill has been burning for the past several days.

Harbour Island Chief Counsellor Darrell Johnson told The Bahama Journal that while the landfill is not directly located on Habour Island it is still affecting residents and visitors there as the thick smoke is drifting over to the island.

He said concerned residents contacted his office Tuesday in a frenzy to complain that thick, black smoke was billowing from the island’s landfill.

“(There is) definitely a lot of smoke,” he said. “It’s that thick, black smoke; that’s exactly what I saw. It appeared to be a big fire looking from where I was on the dock in Harbour Island.

“To see that it raises a concern to see the smoke and fire coming from the area. But this is not the first time. It happens often, like every two weeks or so.”

One North Eleuthera resident was complaining earlier this week about the smoke.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said that he has actually seen a number of tourists check out of their hotels and leave the island – a situation he said Harbour Island does not need right now as it heavily depends on tourism.

However, the chief counsellor added that while he has heard the same reports, he has not personally witnessed tourists leaving.

Mr. Johnson said he has tried contacting local government officials but to avail up to press time.

Mr. Johnson said what he is most concerned about is the possibility of the fire getting out of control, as the island has no real fire rescue team.

“To be honest, there is not a proper fire (service),” he said. “But they have a volunteer fire department on the mainland, but I don’t know if they would be capable enough to control or even contain a fire of that magnitude if it gets out, and it’s almost in a forest area.”

“It takes that long to bring the landfill fires in Nassau under control with all of that help, so imagine here. It could be the same scenario but North Eleuthera doesn’t have the necessary equipment and manpower to deal with it, so that’s the concern.”

Mr. Johnson said the residents are expressing serious concerns about the burning dump, particularly because there is an abundance of farmers on the island.

He said he would work tirelessly to get in touch with ministry officials to deal with the matter.

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