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Is Crime Ratcheting up?
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Posted by:Dec 7th 2010, 09:55:36 pm
snowyWow, the Savages were really involved in the community, especially the library as noted. They loved the island and their life, says a lot......such a shame.
Posted by:Dec 4th 2010, 07:42:09 pm
MSHillsThanks Kimberly - The Savages were pretty nice people!
Posted by:Dec 4th 2010, 12:45:11 am
KimberlyDon and Kitty Savage, who built a house in the Narrows several years ago, just put their house on the market: they've been instrumental in the renovation of the library these past eight years.
Posted by:Dec 3rd 2010, 07:23:44 pm
MSHillsWho are these people who have lived on Harbour Island a long time?
Posted by:Dec 2nd 2010, 11:29:23 pm
MaddieIt is always sad to hear that things have taken a turn, but particularly with the winter season just starting - this will do alot of good for our main industry - tourism!
Posted by:Dec 2nd 2010, 05:26:48 pm
KimberlyWhat I don't get it is, everyone seems to focus on the same five guys pulling these raids, who never seem to ever see their day in court. Any news on that front?
Posted by:Dec 1st 2010, 06:29:42 pm
ash12it has indeed. the crimewatch guys had things in order for a few months, but as of late! things looks as if its picking up swiftley as it relates to crime. from a 40 member organization. its down to 10 dedicated members.but inspector Moss has a few leads on a few breakins.It is sad that the longtime residents got treated like such. really nice couple.
Posted by:Dec 1st 2010, 04:44:39 pm
wjb Yesterday's news that long time Amercan residents have decided to sell their house because of repeated robbery attempts seems to indicate that the situation has deteriorateed. Any thoughts?

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