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30 Vays Fa Ya Ta Know Ya Is Bahamian
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Posted by:Jan 29th 2011, 08:28:06 am
MaddieI loved it!
#29 - you forgot about dropping the "H" if the word starts with one and adding it to words that start with vowels.
Hunions = onions and enry = Henry
Posted by:Jan 26th 2011, 04:24:16 am
Sue R.Chile, youse da best! I shakin' wi' lofta, fall off ma seat!!
Posted by:Jan 24th 2011, 01:27:26 pm
Fig Tree News Team... is when:

1. Ya older dan ya uncle or aunt.
2. Ya Mummy still holdin' ya passport and ya 33 years old.
3. Ya know what 'spry' is.
4. Ya go to a funeral to see da person face, but ya don't know dem.
5. Ya call parts of ya body: bubby, bungy and bread.
6. Ya ask for de worm outta de conch.
7. Potcake is a dog or burnt rice.
8. Ya say current instead of electricity.
9. Ya start shopping for hurricane supplies the day before the hurricane.
10."Vel mudda sic" means something to ya.
11.Ya point wit ya lips.
12.Ya refer to people as boss or chief.
13.Ya refer to the lunch lady at school as 'Mum".
14.Ya can direct an American to the nearest Walmart, Brandsmart or Florida Mall.
15.Ya call Coca-Cola coke soda and everything else sweet soda.
16.Ya say 'reverse back'.
17.Ya know wat 'pants gunnin' and 'gun casin' mean.
18.Ya use da word 'destroyful'.
19.Ya buy food from a place called 'Dirty's' and go dancin' in a place called 'da Zoo'.
20.Ya MP have more case in court dan you.
21.Ya only buy da Tursdey paper (ta see who dead).
22.Ya start off gossipin' wit 'chile, guess wha'.
23.Ya call all dishwashin' soap 'Joy' and all clothes washin' soap 'Tide'.
24.Ya put Dettol in da water to bade wit.
25.Ya grammy is clean da house in pulled up slip or nightdress.
26.Ya best come-backin an argument is 'You like man, eh?'
27.Ya get outta ya bed at 1am ta watgh junkanoo, but can't make it ta woik for 9am.
28.Ya go to da beach, not to swim but just wet ya foot.
29.When ya talk, ya pronounce v's like w's and w's like v's, e.g. vomen, wulger.
30.Ya go Miami every month, but have never visited another Bahamian island.

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