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North Eleuthera Inshore Fishing Forecast, June 2011
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Posted by:Jul 19th 2011, 10:41:24 am
smittyWhen you say double digit Bones I can only interpret that as 10 lb an over.I Bonefished El and HI for 23 years, 2 wks every year and never beat 9 lb.I know of only one Bone over 10 taken by a man that fished every day with a guide in that area all day.That's work.You want double digits fish Andros.15 lb is not uncommon, 10 is everyday.Your thoughts, Maddie..
Posted by:Jun 9th 2011, 12:18:33 pm
ColinDouble digit nrs of bones is pretty neat. What sizes are they? All schoolies of 3-5 lbs?? Or are folks pulling in some serious challenges? Also, when do readers think is the best overall time to fiush from Briland. I love reef fishing, bones, reef trolling and bottom fishing...
Posted by:Jun 6th 2011, 07:28:46 pm
Fig Tree News Team

June is an interesting month for inshore fishing—the water temperatures have risen and the fish are moving out to cooler and deeper water where there is a little current. These fish can be seen flashing or mudding as they huddle together. For the novice, mudding fish can prove to be difficult to fish for but for an experienced angler it is a dream come true. The big schools of fish we are seeing certainly make fishing for them a lot easier.

Currently in Eleuthera, we are catching double-digit numbers of bonefish even on half day charters.

For beginning anglers, don’t be afraid to book a trip. Bonefishing is very easy and with a little coaching and direction from your guide, you can have an unforgettable day on the water.

Tight lines!
FORECAST BY: Captain Jermaine Kemp
Lower Bogue Eleuthera
(242) 359-7394

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