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Free Globally! The International Underground Railroad (Briland's Linda Cousins-Newton)
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Posted by:Aug 20th 2011, 01:57:29 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGood day, culturalists--

Linda Cousins-Newton's new book, FREE GLOBALLY! The International Underground Railroad is now on sale. The Bahamas has a vibrant presence throughout its pages ranging from the Creole Affair account, the Black Seminoles' treks there to Andros, Linda's more contemporary historical/cultural treks to Junkanoo and the exciting first Underground Railroad Conference in Nassau last fall.

Linda Cousins-Newton’s FREE GLOBALLY! The International Underground Railroad has gone global with the release of the third edition as both a print book and an e-book available on Amazon, I-Tunes, Sony Books, and Barnes & Noble. Underground Railroad lecturer, educator, ancestral storyteller, and Nana Harriet Tubman "Honor in Ghana" Project founder, Cousins-Newton reveals in Free Globally! the astounding, daring, and determined expansion of the slavery era’s underground railroad to global territories, ranging from The Bahamas to Mexico, from Canada to Africa.

Labeling the 242-page tome “conversational history from the heart with a touch of humor”, the author interweaves her own experiences as a journalist, performer, and cultural traveler to the varied cultural realms touched upon by the liberty embracers whose ancestral souls passionately reach out in historical revelation through the pages of her work. Particularly prominent in Free Globally! are the Black Seminoles of Florida whose freedom-driven presence was a potent force on the Southern Underground Railroad and who, forced with their Native American Seminole colleagues, friends and family, to leave their land, ushered the underground railroad to varied global spots where their influence is still powerfully felt.

A promoter of and performer with her Black Seminole-descended husband Steve “Papa” Newton in The Bahamas’ vibrant ancestral Junkanoo culture, the Brooklyn author, who coordinated Junkanoo performances at both the Super Bowl and UN venues, lifts in a colorful, “down-home” storyteller manner, inspired by her Tennessee and Georgia roots, the myriad, cross-cultural global coalitions and “love warrior” connections that fueled the passion, dedication, and determination of 19th century travelers on the international underground railroad. FREE GLOBALLY!–-The International Underground Railroad is indeed warmly shared conversational history straight from the global, ancestral heart. An excerpt of the ending section--questions to the historian regarding the Black Seminoles--can be found at the site given below.

FREE GLOBALLY! - The International Underground Railroad Website:!/Welcome.html

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