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Expat Bahamians Abroad: Follow Today's Election Returns
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Posted by:May 10th 2012, 01:45:24 am
KimberlyKudos, Bahamas:
Posted by:May 7th 2012, 10:50:55 am
KimberlyA new Election Tally Sheet is now available for download that will allow you to follow the election returns and automatically update the total vote and constituency races. You may download it at this link:

Several new CBA Analytical Reports and News items have been recently released and include:
CBA Analytical Report Bahamas Elections 2012 "Too Close To Call". The Council For Concerned Bahamians Abroad (CBA) has conducted an analysis and produced a report on the potential results in the upcoming Bahamas General Elections.

CBA Analytical Report: Comparative Analysis of Political Party Economic Development Plans. The Council For Concerned Bahamians Abroad (CBA) has completed its comparative review of the three official governance documents released by the parties contesting the upcoming Elections.

These reports can be viewed at

Election Coverage: CBA's around the world will be able to follow a special election night presentation by Erin Ferguson, Citizens Review Talk Show Host, who will be a special commentator on the JCN channel 14 live election coverage Election night May 7, beginning at 6pm. Some of the CBA reports will be utilized in an analysis on the show. The show can be heard by clicking the following link:

Contact us online at