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Passages: Tina Barry
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Posted by:Oct 3rd 2012, 04:29:33 pm
Fig Tree News TeamA Friend Like Me
By Crystal Lawson
For Tina Marie Barry

When I go to the beach and I look at the ocean
I imagine a friend who lives on the horizon

A girl that is nine, with braids just like mine
Or maybe pigtails with ribbons like sails

I donít know her name but I know that sheís nice
Like me, Tina Marie; My mom named me twice.

Is she somewhere like me, sitting under a tree,
watching wave after wave roll in from the sea?

Is there sand in her toes and a sweet breeze that blows?
Is there sand in her hair, in her eyes and her nose?

Are there fun things to do when the sunís warm and bright,
Like do cartwheels, pick seagrapes and fly homemade kites?

Does she like to eat mangoes and chew sugar cane?
On the beach, does her circle of friends play ring games?

We can eat conch salad and drink sweet lime aid
And then run to the ocean and catch great big waves.

Can she swim like me? I can swim like a fish!
Iíd say 'when you see starfish make a wish'.

We can dry in the sun and find shapes in the sky,
Like angels and horses in parades passing by.

Near the oceanís a wonderful place to be free
To imagine a friend who is just like me.
Posted by:Sep 27th 2012, 07:58:11 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThe "Celebration of a Beautiful Life" for the vivacious Tina Barry will be held at the New Providence Community Church on Blake Rd & JFK Drive in Nassau at 3pm on Sunday, September 30th 2012.

Tina specifically requested colourful attire - no black!

Contact us online at