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Why arn't we being taught about Briland History?
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Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 11:08:41 am
JudyYour message was so timely and of great interest to me. Perhaps you have read or heard about the Library Restoration Project that is underway. One of the first priorities is to purchase and obtain a collection of books about Bahamian and Caribbean history, culture, and by Bahamian and Caribbean authors. Right now the Book Committee is in the process of putting together a list of these preferred books with the help of the Haynes Library in Governor's Harbour, teachers, two literature professors from the States (actually one has taught a class at the All Age School several years ago), the College of the Bahamas, and anyone who might offer recommendations.

Once the library is reopened, it would be great to offer a program - maybe a series of programs about Bahamian life and history. We might even invite Dr. Gail Saunders of the Archives to speak . There are several residents, Reswell Mather and Anne Albury , who have a wealth of information about Harbour Island's history and they might very well be willing to help with such a program.

It is encouraging to know that young people such as yourself want to know about the heritage and history of Harbour Island. This makes our efforts of restoring and refurbishing the library even more vital. The Book Committee is at the library Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 2 to 6 p.m cleaning, sorting, and "weeding" the existing books. Please come by and introduce yourself. Join the Book Committee! We would love to know what other things you are interested in reading and learning about. Another young lady, Donna Whitfield De Costa, is helping with recommendations of books that she thinks would be of interest. The more people like yourself help, the better library we will have.

It will come alive!!
Posted by:Feb 10th 2003, 10:04:54 pm
brilandbeautyWhat is your email address? Let's see what we can do about this. I too engage in endless conversation with visitors and is often asked, relatively simple questions about the island and is sometimes left baffled. So, I would love to hear what you plan to do to remedy this or to convey ideas that I may have.
Posted by:Feb 8th 2003, 02:42:28 pm
KimberlyThat's a really good question to ask your teachers. When I went to school on the island, at what was then St. Benedict's School, our [then mostly Jamaican] teachers DID teach us all about Bahamian and Caribbean history ... and there WERE proper textbooks detailing our country's history. The Bahamas' geographical, social, cultural and political history was trendsetting in its time, i.e. "The Bloodless Revolution" of 1966-73, Dame Doris Johnson, Sir Durward Knowles, et al.
Posted by:Feb 8th 2003, 02:11:13 pm
dunmore girlI am in "total" agreeance! I've has conversations with a young adult(just graduated)-and i was asking her about the islands of the bahamas and she did not know the answers to the questions-i asked if they were taught about the islands & history and her reply was "no" i was quite surprised-something should be done about this-especially when there are students that go away to further their education-they have no knowledge of their country to share with others-what they know is what they hear or find on the internet
Posted by:Feb 8th 2003, 01:11:49 pm
KoKoFor 12 years we go to school and we learn all kinds of irrelavant stuff, because most of us arn't leaving the island. the history of harbour island is the main thing that should be taught, so that we will know who we are and we would be able to make an honest living in on island, whether it be tour guiding or just for causual conversations. its important! If you agree please email me!

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