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Happy Birthday to my friend.
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Posted by:Feb 19th 2003, 06:03:45 pm
ColinWhenever I go fishing with Herman I always find it hard to tell when I'm being offered a lesson in life and when he's just having me on and getting ready for a very big laugh. Sometimes the two seem to happen together... I doubt he remembers but Herman Higgs took me out my first time bonefishing, when I was around 16. We fished the Eleuthera flats across from the dump. I wanted to use jigs but a wiser man suggested strongly I use shrimp. Not being a purist (I just like to catch em) I agreed. Herman spotted a few fish about 20 minutes after we started. One of em wandered ahead and Herman told me where to cast. Colins, cast dere, dere. You see it. You see that tail? I fell short about 10 feet and prayed I'd get lucky. The fish came on, sucked up the shrimp and about 15 minutes later Herman carefully hefted up a nice 4.5 pound bonefish. First cast, first time out. We had a shading done and I've still got it on my wall--30 years later.
Rarely has such a vivacious and witty man been so good at ticklin up the fish. May he and those he loves live a thousand years!
Posted by:Feb 17th 2003, 12:04:39 pm
island ladyHappy birthday, captain Mackey!
Posted by:Feb 16th 2003, 01:00:29 am
brilandbeautyHappy birthday grsndfather, may you live to see many many more!
Posted by:Feb 15th 2003, 09:03:59 pm
island timeHappy Birthday Herman (Feb. 16th)
Posted by:Feb 15th 2003, 09:01:57 pm
island timeHappy Birthday Herman Higgs, your a good friend, I will see you soon. Your friend Frank

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