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cruising guide info & local knowledge
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Posted by:Mar 3rd 2003, 02:35:03 pm
mike_in_homesteadHmmmm. A Mike in Florida. I am also a Mike in Florida. LOL
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2003, 09:26:11 am
MikeinFLGREAT advice, I just wanted to jump in on the Explorer Chart kits. I have found them to be VERY accurate and when teams with Pavlidas' book, it would be hard to go wrong.

Enjoy your trip,
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2003, 12:41:27 pm
DaveI can't answer all of your questions, but I can on some. Your 54 ft mast will clear the bridges at Nassau. There are a number of marinas - the easiest to use is Hurrican Hole (no current). I have used this one several times and have always been happy with the results. It is just East of the old bridge on the Paradise Island side. June is a very busy month and you must make slip reservations well in advance anywhere you go. I've made the trip that you describe many times (except from the Exumas to Spanish Wells) and I can assure you that the Exumas are fantanstic for sailors.

I would suggest that you skip Cat Cay and check in at either Bimini or Chub, unless you have a very special reason to stop at Cat. Chub Cay is easier to get into than Bimini but, if you have never been to Bimini, you will find it very interesting. You may want to reconsider if you are planing to cross the Banks from Gun/Cat Cay to the NW Channel Light, depending upon your draft. I agree that is a more direct rout to the Berries but not recommended because of shifting, shallow bottom between Gun Cay and Russel bouy.

Since you plan to go South on the ICW from Ft Pierce, let me suggest that you depart from the ICW at Ft Lauderdale and head to either Bimini or North Rock (just north of Bimini) to enter the Banks. You may check in at Bimini and then go up to North Rock, or continue on to Chub to check in. Don't forget the three knot Gulf stream. For example: on a six knot sailboat, you may have to steer 135-140 to make good 110 from Ft Lauderdale to North Rock in good weather.

I'm sorry that I can't answer your questions about Guides - I am not at my permanent home where all my books and charts are located - but I do trust the BBA Charts above any of the Guides for navigation. The Guides give a lot of good information about each Cay or Island.

When you get as far as Spanish Wells, be sure to visit Harbour Island. It may not be good for sailing, but it is a jewel - the nicest people in the world live there.

Allow at least two weeks for the trip that you are planning.
Posted by:Mar 1st 2003, 09:30:36 pm
capranHi, I am looking for some local knowledge. I have the Pavlidis Exumas Guide and the Chart kit. If weather permits we'll head to the Exumas this June. Ft Pierce via ICW to Miami, across to Gun/Cat Cay, to Berries, Nassau, South to miss the Yellow Bank, then East to Allans, Island hop to "the wide opening"through the Exumas Land and Sea Park, then up to Eleuthera, Current Cut to Spanish Wells, then back up to the Abacos. There are a number of other guides available like the Explorer Chartbooks for Exumas and "the far bahamas", and there's a bahamas guide. Can anyone make any recommendations as to what they found most useful? (if I lived in Florida I'd be able to look at the different guides and decide for myself but I'm in the NW till June and I'd like to get my books early to study.) I also can't tell from the chart kit if I can travel East between Nassau and Paradise Island out to Pogee Rocks with my 54' mast, or go back out into NE Providence Channel and around. I am also looking for recommendations about Nassau Marinas for a day or two stop over. I've posted these questions on the abacos website several times and received no response. Any help posted here or e mailed to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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