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No More House Rentals?
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Posted by:Mar 12th 2003, 01:23:56 pm
ColinFor those of us with long memories, that radio interview is an eerie echo of some of the rhetoric heard during Pindling's latter days.
Given the enormous importance of foreign investment on Briland and elsewhere in the Bahamas I'm curious as to whether the government has disavowed the minister's comments?
Posted by:Mar 11th 2003, 07:55:55 pm
KimberlyHey, TM - George Major from posted that note on his weblog this morning, after having heard Minister of Agriculture V. Alfred Gray being interviewed on Nassau radio. According to Mr. Major, Mr. Gray was expressing his opinion that rental homes in the Bahamas should pay into the local government kitty just as local hotels do with the room tax. There has no been no media followup on Mr. Gray's comments, which are being taken as his personal view and not any pronouncement of sorts by the Bahamas Government.

Hope this helps --
Posted by:Mar 11th 2003, 05:42:48 pm
TMI Found this on another Website. Does anyone Know anything about it?
In news today in The Bahamas the Bahamas government has announced that the practice by foreign homeowners renting their private homes will be haulted. The practice is not a legal one as condoned by the government and people of the Bahamas. The government says that this illegal practice has been brought to their attention that foreigners are building houses and residences solely for the purpose of renting and circumventing government business taxes in so doing. It is advised that if you are coming to rent in the Bahamas that you do so through a Bahamian owned and operated property and not a private foreign owned home located in the Bahamas.

In the near future the Bahamas government will begin to investigate this process more thoroughly and as they say,”put and end to the illegal practice.” So if your renting in the Bahamas, especially Eleuthera make sure that you are renting from A Bahamian host or rental home owner rather than a foreign owned home or Condomium as this is illadvised by the Bahamian authorities. The government of the Bahamas in its policy statement says in its authority that economic opportunities in tourism and property rental for the purpose of a vacation in the Bahamas are the forthright opportunity firstly for the Bahamian entrepenuer and not the foreigner without the proper applied legal right. The government of the Bahamas contends that literally millions of tax dollars and the proper liscensing fees are lost annually due to this very illegal process. It is not known at this time what the penalty is for this practice but more will come in on this issue in the near future we are sure.

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