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The Partyman
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Posted by:Mar 28th 2003, 08:29:19 am
smittyDid I say 6 feet 9, I meant 4 feet 9, or is it 5 feet 9? I'll have to ask my therapist and get back to you...
Posted by:Mar 27th 2003, 06:17:56 pm
island ladymissed you on the court, big boy
Posted by:Mar 24th 2003, 11:40:11 am
smittyAt 6 feet 9, I could take you on the best day you ever had.
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2003, 07:59:24 pm
GiaI can't believe my eyes! I thought this guy was gone for good. Where is he in Lower Bogue?
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2003, 06:52:42 pm
The PartymanBored:

I am about to return. Thanks to all of you that have stayed dedicated to this board. My attempt to have my last named changed to Pinder did not get the green light in Nassau. So, I will not be integrating into the Spanish Wells community. Right now I am standing strong in Lower Bogue and this will be my temporary base of operations.

The PM will be on Harbour Island on Tuesday. I will be going directly to the Vic Hum basketball court. I will be there at 3PM and I will take on anyone that thinks they can handle me.

Get ready. Be Prepared.

The PM is coming.

I am back!

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